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What were the negative effects of the Russian revolution?


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The Russian Revolution led to a government that led with an iron fist and allowed no outside influences or negative criticisms of the ruling party. Following the revolution, the Whites and the Reds fought a bloody and merciless battle for control of the government. Lenin's Red Soviets defeated the White Russians and the Soviet Union was created. The peasants were starving and the country was in ruins. Economically, the country was completely destablilized. Millions of people were murdered under Lenin, Stalin, and future Soviet leaders. People were murdered or sent to Siberian gulags for real and very often imagined crimes against the state. In WWII, Stalin killed more of his own people than any who died in combat. Undesirables, such as gays, Jews, gypsies, etc, were murdered without compunction. The proletariat saw government subsidized items, that while relatively inexpensive, were of extremely poor quality.