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Rome gained control over Sicily and Sardinia and the Carthaginians had to pay a large indemnity to Rome over 10 years.

The Carthaginians couldn't pay the mercenaries that they hired to fight the war for them (due to scattered population an army could not be raised) because they had to pay the Romans, so the mercenaries revolted and plundered Carthaginian territory

The Romans created two new Praetorships to run Sicily and Sardinia

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What was the first Punic War?

what was thre first punic war

Who won the first punic war?

Rome won the first Punic war

Site of the first Punic War?

The first Punic War was fought in Sicily.

When were the first punic war?

First Punic War 265-241 BCE.

First Punic War began in?

First Punic War (264 to 241 BC) .

What happened after the First Punic War?

the second punic war occured

Was The First Punic War a war between Rome and Greece?

The first Punic war, like all the Punic wars, were between Rome and Carthage.

What was the first punic war over?

The first punic war was fought over the island of Sicily

Who were the opponents in the First Punic War?

The First Punic War consisted of the combatants Rome and Carthage .

Who win the 1st Punic war?

The Romans won the first punic war .

What were the three wars called between the Romans and Carthage?

First Punic War Second Punic War Third Punic War.

What date did the first Punic War happened?

The dates of the First Punic War are 264-241 B.C.

Who was the Roman enemy in the Punic War?

Carthage and its colonies in the First Punic War, and the same in the Second Punic War with Philip of Macedonia as an ally.

How many years after the First Punic War did the Second Punic War begin?


What was the island Rome and Carthage were fighting on in the Punic War?

In the First Punic War it was Sicily.

What were major events of the punic war?

First Punic War - Rome defeated Carthage. Second Punic War - Rome defeated Carthage. Third Punic War - Rome defeated Carthage.

When did the first punic war begien?

The First Punic War started in 264 BC and ended in 241 BC.

When did the first Punic War begin?

The First Punic War began in 264 BC and lasted until 241 BC .

What year did the first Punic war begain?

The First Punic War started in 264 BC and ended in 241 BC

What were the approximate dates of the Punic Wars?

First Punic War 264 to 241 BCE Second Punic War 214 to 201 BCE. 3rd Punic War 149 to 146 BCE.

What were the wars fought in Rome and Carthage?

The First Punic War, the Second Punic War and the Third Punic War. The word Punic comes from the Latin name for the Carthaginians (punicus, plural punici).

What were the causes and the results of the Punic Wars?

what were the causes and results of the punic wars?

Did Hannibal win the first punic war?

No Hannibal was involved in the Second Punic war and Rome won all three Punic Wars.

When was the first Punic War?

The first Punic war took place in the year 264 BC when the fighting over Sicily began!

Rome fought Carthage in the First Punic War over the island of?

The First Punic War was fought over the island of Sicily.