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ost of our pacific fleet was destroyed and we were unable to rescue the men in the philipenes ,Guam, and wake island

The short term also included the American people getting behind Roosevelt and the war effort as the declared war upon Japan (Not Germany, a few days later however they were involved in European affairs).

This led to important historical dates like Yalta, battle of Mid way and Hiroshma and nagasaki.

Politcaily before America was not intrested in entering the Second World War because it was seen to be a European affair and they did not wish to see the same amount of damage done to them as they had sustained in the first world war. However after Pearl Harbour (The first terriost attack on American soil) The people got behind the war and America changed its foreign policy to an open one that gave them later on the nickname of police of the world.

Economically America gave Britain industrial support as at this point the United States of America were producing a destroyer boat a day which is an amazing feat. They were also producing loads of food and essential resources. America was taking a lot of the finaccial burden of the war off Britain at this point as they had already been fighting for a couple of years and were finding it tough to support the war effort.

Fact: Britain only in the last few years have finished paying the Americans loans back for the Tanks and other resources lent to them during the war.

There is a saying that America came into this war Late and came out rich which is stateming the point that America became the Super power it is from this point in History.

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Q: What were the short term effects of the Pearl Harbor attacks?
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How did the us get involved in the war in the pacific?

Short answer: Pearl Harbor attacks by the Japanese

Short term effects of Pearl Harbor?

One of the short term affects of the bombing of pearl harbor where that because of the bombs pollution was in the air for several months.

Who was the army commander at Pearl Harbor during World War 2?

Pearl Harbor was a Navy base, the overall commander of the navy at Pearl Harbor was Admiral Husband Kimmel, the overall commander of the Army in Hawaii was General Walter Short.

Who was in command of Pearl Harbor when the attack occurred?

General Short and Admiral Kimmel.

How did the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor?

Short answer: The Japanese attacked with airplanes from six aircraft carriers, and they also used submarines. The standard-sized submarines were in the Hawaiian waters outside of Pearl Harbor, and midget submarines were sent into Pearl Harbor itself. Details on the web.

How many people were dead in pearl harbor?

Roughly 2-3 thousand people were killed in the attack on Pearl Harbor.Long story short, it wasn't truly a bombing. It was an annihilation.

Was Japan successful in attacking Pearl Harbor?

They achieved their short term objective Given the final outcome, they probably wish they had not done it.

Who was the captin or general of Pearl Harbor?

The Admiral at Pearl Harbor was Admiral Husband E. Kimmel who led the Pacific Fleet. LT General Wlaater C. Short commanded the US ground and air forces in Hawaii.

Who is the captian of Pearl Harbor?

US Army: General Walter Short US Navy: Admiral Husband Kimmel

Who were the commanders of the American army at the time of the pearl harbor attack?

for the navy it was Husband Kimmel, and for the army it was Walter Short.

Who were the military commanders at Pearl Harbor the day of the attack?

Army Major General W.C. Short and Admiral H.E. Kimmel.

Who were the principle leaders of Pearl Harbor?

US Army: General Walter Short US Navy: Admiral Husband Kimmel

Admiral Kimmel and Lt General Short commanders of the navy and army at Pearl Harbor were relieved of their duties after the attack?


Who was the commanding officer of the us forces at pearl harbor?

Army, Major General W.C. Short and Navy, Admiral H.E. Kimmel.

Who were the American generals at the attack at Pearl Harbor?

US Army: General Walter Short US Navy: Admiral Husband Kimmel

Who was in charge of the American forces at Pearl Harbor?

On the fateful morning of December 7, 1941, the commander of American naval forces at Pearl Harbor was Admiral Husband E. Kimmel. His army-counterpart in charge of the ground forces was Lieutenant General Walter C. Short.

What did Lt General Walter C Short have to do with the attack at Pearl Harbor?

General Short commanded the Hawaiian Department of the United States Army when the Japanese launched a surprise attack at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. The attack came as a complete surprise and inflicted perhaps the most decisive defeat ever suffered by U.S. forces. Short was held responsible and forced to retire from the military.

Leaders of Pearl Harbor?

The American leaders at Pearl Harbor during Japan's surprise-attack on December 7, 1941, were two in number. The overall naval commander was Admiral Husband E. Kimmel. His counterpart on the army side was Lieutenant General Walter C. Short.

Why did japan feel it was necessary to attack Pearl Harbor?

Japan felt it was necessary to attack Pearl Harbor was because that they were mad at USA. USA Stopped selling Natural Resources to them. Japan was short with those Resources, oil, iron, etc. They were suffering from a depression at that time, too.

What US general was in charge of attack of Pearl Harbor?

US Army: General Walter Short US Navy: Admiral Husband Kimmel

Did the Americans help defeat Japanese after they attacked the us Pearl Harbor?

Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, men around the country lined up for blocks outside their local recruiters offices. This was an attack that would not go unanswered - as per their reactions as well as President Roosevelt's declaration of war against Japan. In short - yes, the US did help defeat Japan following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Where was the surprise attack from japan on the US?

Pearl Harbor. However, it is debatable whether the US government actually knew it was going to happen. That's the short answer anyway.

What role did the news media play in the trial of admiral kimmel and general short of Pearl Harbor?

Whild everyone sought a rationale for the failure at Pear, it was not a witch hunt or a search for a scape goat. The historians of today accept that a fundamntal failure on rheir part led to mutual gaps of coordination which culminated in a defeat at Pearl Harbor. There is no reason to blame the press for Short and Kimmel's failures. They failed to defend.

Who were the commanders who were used as the scapegoats after the attack on pearl harbor?

Admiral Husband E. Kimmel and General Walter E. Short were both found guilty of dereliction of duty and dismissed.

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