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What were the slang terms used for different soldiers in World War 2?

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British soldiers- Tommies

German Soldiers- Krauts, Jerrys, Huns, Tedeschi (Italian term)

Teds (British abbreviated form of above)

Japanese Soldiers- Japs, nips, slants (the term slants reffers to the Japanese people's eye shape.)

American soldiers- G.I.'s (Government Issue) Or For the Real Green soldiers, draftees, Joes, Mac (USMC only)

Italian soldiers- Eye-ties, Goombah (Even though the term was more widly used after the war to reffer to Italian thugs)

French soldiers- Frogs

Polish soldiers-the polls

Russia-Reds, Ruskies, Commies, Ivan.

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What slang terms did German soldiers use for allies in World War 2?

Ami's for AmericansSee the Military Slang book Fubar or German Military slang on Wiki

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The Germans referred to the British as 'Tommys'.

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Jerry Jerry was the British term. US soldiers called them Krauts or Nazis.

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A question about slang names for soldiers have already been answered in other Questions. American soldiers: GI Joe - Yank (Draftees usually) British: Tommy German: Tedeschi (Italian) - Kraut See Question: What slang terms did German soldiers use for French soldiers in World War 1?

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