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British soldiers- Tommies

German Soldiers- Krauts, Jerrys, Huns, Tedeschi (Italian term)

Teds (British abbreviated form of above)

Japanese Soldiers- Japs, nips, slants (the term slants reffers to the Japanese people's eye shape.)

American soldiers- G.I.'s (Government Issue) Or For the Real Green soldiers, draftees, Joes, Mac (USMC only)

Italian soldiers- Eye-ties, Goombah (Even though the term was more widly used after the war to reffer to Italian thugs)

French soldiers- Frogs

Polish soldiers-the polls

Russia-Reds, Ruskies, Commies, Ivan.

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The Germans were called the Huns, after Atilla the Hun.

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normally the british soldiers called Germans "fritz" and the Germans called the brits "Tommy"

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Q: What slang terms were used in World War 1?
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What were some slang terms used during the Korean war?

some words they used were hii. and byee.

What slang did USsoldiers use for German soldiers in world war 1?

Krauts was the most common. Squareheads, Jerries, some used terms left over from WWI, and called them the Huns, or the Boche.

What slang terms did German soldiers use for US British and Russian soldiers in World War 1?

The Germans referred to the British as 'Tommys'.

What slang was used for Canadian soldiers in World War 2?

Most Canadians were called Canucks.

What were slang terms for Japanese during world war 2?

There were many names for the Japanese during WW2, some that I know of were "Tojo, slants, and nips."

Was Kraut a nickname for Germans in World War 1?

Yes, one of many slang nicknames used.

What slang terms did US soldiers use for German soldiers in World War 2?

Jerry Jerry was the British term. US soldiers called them Krauts or Nazis.

When did the terms World War 1 and World War 2 start being used to describe those conflicts?

when most of the world got involved hence the term "world war"

What slang did the Americans used for German soldier in world war 2?

Among other things, they used the (offensive) term kraut, which derived from sauerkraut.

Harsh terms used in the treaties ending world war 2 are explained by?

Reparations .

What was the slang term for Americans in world war 1?


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