What were the social issues in the 1960s?

There were positive effects of the 60s decade including civil rights, the revolution of America, John F. Kennedy's efforts to build a new economy and frontier, space development and exploration. However, the 1960s also carried baggage of negative and distraught times of an American economy such as assassinations of people in political positions, riots, lack of respect for the law and the legislation system, antiwar protest, student protest, and racism. When the 60s began it was around the time of the Cold War with the Soviet Union, the incidents associated with the Berlin Wall, the Cuban missile crisis, and the "space race" with the USSR. By the end of this decade were the beginning times of the Vietnam War which had divided Americans and divided America's allies. Within the time period of the 60s the population was 177,830,000, the unemployment rate was 3,852,000, and the national debt was 286.3 billion dollars.