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What were the types of governments in the thirteen colonies?

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I just studied this in American History class today so you are in luck. Government of the colonies: Each colony had a Govenor. Each had a Council which was the upper house and was made up of white male land owners. They were appointed by the govenor. Which makes you think if they were only his friends and no one else. Each had an assembly which was the lower house/legislative body. They were the only elected body in the early colonies. They controlled the money and the taxes. I hope that this helps:)

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What year did the thirteen colonies create their own governments?

The year that the thirteen colonies did create their own governments were 1607. There were three type of government and systems that were used in the 13 colonies.

What are three types of colonial governments?

royal colonies, proprietary colonies, and charter colonies

What types of colonies were the thirteen original colonies?

There was the New England Colonies middle colonies and the Southern Colonies Hope this helps:)

True or false the thirteen original colonies had identical governments and interests?

False, the 13 colonies were very independent at first with their own ideas, governments, and interests. It took a lot of work to unite the colonies.

What was the name of the law that allowed each of the thirteen colonies to create their own individual governments?

the 10th Amendment

What types of governments did the Middle Colonies have?

they were self governed then had a representitive government

What types of games did people play in the thirteen colonies?

they played bouncy ball

Why are the thirteen colonies the thirteen colonies?

because there were 13 colonies established in the Americas

What is the governments general structure?

Each of the Thirteen Colonies were destined to become the United States, had its own unique history and development, common features and patterns emerged in their governments.

When did Thirteen Colonies end?

Thirteen Colonies ended in 1776.

Which came first the revolutionary war or the thirteen colonies?

The thirteen colonies. When we won the war, the colonies became the first thirteen states.

Why are there thirteen stipes on the flag?

Each stripe represents one of the thirteen colonies. Thirteen stripes because there were thirteen colonies!

Who governed the thirteen colonies?

George Washington governed the thirteen colonies.

What continent is thirteen colonies in?

Thirteen colonies is in the continent North America

What does the committees of correspondence do?

The committees of correspondence were shadow governments organized by the Patriot leaders of the Thirteen Colonies on the eve of the American Revolution. These served an important role in the Revolution, by disseminating the colonial interpretation of British actions between the colonies and to foreign governments

How can you show the map of thirteen original colonies?

type in thirteen colonies in google

Was Kentucky one of the original thirteen colonies?

no it was not one of the thirteen original colonies.

Which was the last of the thirteen colonies to be settled?

The last of the thirteen colonies to be settled was Georgia.

What group represented the thirteen colonies?

The Thirteen Colonies were British colonies in North America that were divided into New England,Middle colonies, and Southern colonies.....

What state was not one of the original thirteen colonies?

Maine was not one of the original thirteen colonies.

What statement best describes the governments of the different colonies before the American Revolution?

The governments of the thirteen colonies were very independent of each other before the American Revolution. There was not a great deal of unity between the colonies. During the American Revolution, the colonies had to work together in order to defeat the British. The statement is 'They were very independent of each other.'

What does the Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies have to do with the Revolution?

The Declaration of Independence was the written separation from England by the Thirteen Colonies. It basically stated that England no longer had control over the colonies, and was signed by the representatives of the Thirteen Colonies.

Whenwhy was New York one of the thirteen colonies?

was new york was the first thirteen colonies

What were the reasons the thirteen colonies were founded?

the reason why the thirteen colonies where founded because of trade reasons

What country was thirteen colonies a part of?

The thirteen colonies was part of North America.