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What were two advantages the south had over the north?

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An enthusiastic cavalry tradition.

The advantage of fighting nearly all the campaigns on home ground. and they had more slaves

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Two advantages that the Union had were the Telegraph and industry. the North had all of the factories and allowed them to build all the train tracks, guns, etc... And then the telegraph linked union forces and intelligence together in a matter of seconds rather than days for the Confederacy.

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Although the north had an economic advantage over the south due to the industries the north faced an economic problems because they did not have a home front advantage such as the south. Furthermore the south lacked two economic advantages. One was the central goverment which would not let them tax the states. And inflation occurred causing more problems including the unity of the states. -11th grader from APUSH

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Two advantages of the South in the US Civil War: 1. superior leadership 2. fighting to protect their home territory Two advantages of the North in the US Civil War: 1. larger population 2. superior manufacturing and industrial resources The defeat of the South was inevitable in prolonged war. The only way the North could be defeated was through the war weariness of the population.

Many factors went into determining the outcome of the US Civil War. Each side had its advantages, although the Union's were substantially more than the Confederacy's. The two advantages each side had over the other can said to be the following: For the North: 1. Larger pool of men to serve in the army; and 2. an established and safe manufacturing base. For the South: 1. The South did not need to "crush" the North. To reach their goal of independence they needed to make the war intolerable for the North. They needed the Union to simply "quit" trying to reunite the Union; and 2. Although the battles in the South were damaging, the South had the advantage of fighting a largely defensive war on their own turf. This was an advantage as the Union's offensive forces needed to be large in order to win battles.

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The North was much more advanced and industrialized than the South. Whilst the South was more agricultural. The North produced more weapons. Plus, the North had much more people, while in the South, most people were spread out, living two or three miles away from each other.

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