What were two major battles during World War 1?

The First Battle of TANNENBERG (1914) and The Battle of the SOMME (1916) Were Two Major Battles in WW1


On "The Eastern Front", outnumbered Germany defeated Russia at The First Battle of Tannenberg early in WW1(August 17-September 2, 1914. A German force of about 150,000 (20, 000 casualties)commanded by Hindenberg and Ludendorf defeated a larger force of 190,000 Russians who were commanded by Samsonov and von Rennenkampf. German troops killed around 30,000 Russians and captured another 95,000 which almost completely destroyed the Russian Second Army. Russia was effectively eliminated as a combatant as a result of this battle.

  • SOMME.

"The whole history of the world cannot contain a more ghastly word". Friedrich Steinbrecher,German Officer

On the "(All Quiet on)The Western Front", German and Triple Entante forces engaged in an nearly 6-month long (July 1-November 18, 1916) trench-warfare known as The Battle of the Somme. It was one of the worst battles in the history of the World in terms of human lives lost, with over a MILLION casualties. The British suffered over 50,000 killed and wounded on the first day alone. Total casualties eventually reached astonishing totals.

  • Out of a total force of about 100 DIVISIONS, nearly 625,000 Entente casualties were sustained, of which over 400,000 were from the British Empire, under the command of Haig, and over 200,000 were from France, under the command of Joffre. Almost 150,000 of the French casualties were killed or missing. Additionaly, about 100 tanks and nearly 800 RFC aircraft were destroyed. To illustrate the magnitude of the carnage, consider this: The 1st Newfoundland Regiment was wiped out BEFORE it crossed the front line with a casualty rate of 91%.
  • Nearly 450,000 German casualties, under the command of von Gallwitzand von Below, were sustained, of which almost 165,000 were killed or missing. Jerry steimer is gay