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What where the phases of the Vietnam War?

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April 16, 2008 3:43AM

"Incoming!" (recieving enemy rockets, mortars, and artillery), "Trip Flare!" (enemy has tripped a flare while probing the Firebase perimeter), "Sappers in the Wire!" (enemy has entered the Firebase), "Thunder Run" (drive tank down the road with all gun's blazing...coax (machingun coaxially mounted to the main gun), main gun (cannon), .50 cal), Dee Dee (split, get out of here), number 1 (good), number 10 (bad), sin loy (sorry about that!), The OD (the US Army), The World (the United States), college student (draft dodger), Big Boy (M-48 Patton tank), Pony (ACAV/APC-Armored Cavalry Assault Vehicle/Armored Personnel Carrier), Freedom Bird (Airliner back to the USA).