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The antenna wouldn't cause it to short out, that just helps it receive the signals to play music on the radio... How old is the radio... if it is factory from 91 then it might of been its time to go... i have a radio from a 90 Dodge Caravan, same as whats in your Dodge Spirit cause they carry the same radio and it short out on its own where the numbers and stuff wont light up but will still play music... I took the radio out of my 92 Dodge Spirit and put it in the van (since the trans went out in the 92 Spirit) and it works great... it might of just went out because it was ready to go.

2011-09-13 17:37:22
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Q: What will cause a 1991 Dodge Spirit factory radio to short out even with a new power cable and a new ground possibly the antenna?
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How do you ground a CB radio antenna?

Grounding is accomplished by connecting a heavy cable from the ground side of the antenna to a ground rod. A ground rod is typically a 4 - 8 foot copper plated steel rod driven into the ground as close as possible to the antenna, making the wire connection as short as possible. All equipment should also be grounded to a rod, not just the antenna.

Does an ungrounded antenna near the ground act like a single antenna with twice the height?

A better simple approximation would be two antennas separated by twice the distance of the single antenna to the ground.

Your stereo is on without a ground what is wrong?

The radio is grounding through the antenna connection. Unplug the antenna and see that it will stop. However you still need to hook up the ground 1st and the antenna last.

1991 capri does the radio need to be grounded separetly oR IS IT ALREADY GROUNDED through THE HARNESS OR ANTENNA?

It is not going to hurt to ground it with a secondary ground if you suspect it is not grounded. It is not grounded thru the antenna. Just run a ground wire from the radio chassis to any ground location.It is not going to hurt to ground it with a secondary ground if you suspect it is not grounded. It is not grounded thru the antenna. Just run a ground wire from the radio chassis to any ground location.

Can you ground a antenna with a wire?

no it will mess up the reception

Why should you connect your TV antenna to a metal rod that is driven into the ground?

The antenna becomes a lightning rod. By connecting the post it is attached to, to the ground via the metal rod driven into the ground, lightning will not pass along the antenna wire to your TV but will pass harmlessly through the post only.

Will a damaged antenna cable to an aftermarket stereo prevent the stereo from turning on?

no. first check fuses. check ground. check for voltage to memory, and switched power to radio. the only time the antenna would affect the radio in that manner is if the ground was connected to the antenna.

What is the difference between monopole antenna and dipole antenna?

Monopole is an antenna with just the radiating element where the ground of the transmitter is connected to an electrical ground which serves as an Image ground to the radiating element. Thus the name "mono" pole. Dipole is where the ground and the radiating elements are connected to two different elements where one is the radiating element and the other is the ground to the later. Thus the name "Di" Pole Cheers by zafran khan

Why should you connect your antenna to a metal rod that is driven into the ground?

Mostly because an antenna is usually the tallest part of a house, and made of metal, which attracts lightning. if lightning hits the antenna it will follow use the metal rod to reach the ground instead of going through the house. Also partly because an antenna works better if it's grounded.

Is there any uses for a tv antenna tower?

Yes, a tower can hold a antenna high off the ground allowing a better signal to the receiver or from the transmitter.

What is the Application of Rhombic antenna?

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What is the effect of ground on antenna?

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Why you should connect your TV antenna to a metal rod that is driven into ground?

In case of a lightening strike.

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Radio for 1999 VW beetle has poor reception although FM is ok Possible problems?

antenna is unplugged or antenna wire is damaged (you will get FM without antenna) This could be the issue, but according to VWs own Technical Bulletins, it is more likely to be one of the following: 1. Poor ground at the antenna base or radio 2. Poor Battery ground to chassis or engine 3. Poor Antenna cable connection at Radio 4. Corrosion at the antenna coaxial connectors at radio or antenna 5. An Incorrect antenna mast installed for the antenna base equipped with the vehicle. You can also check antenna connections electronically through the radio (if a factory model). - Switch radio ON - Press and hold balance button for approx. 10 seconds - 3CPT7 will appear in display (numbers may vary and are not important) - Press CD mode button - 020.1 will appar in display (software version numbers may vary) - Press CD mode button again - FERN OFF / ON will appear in display (FERN = amplified antenna) if FERN ON appears, Antenna and connections are OK if FERN OFF appears, Radio may not be coded correctly for amplified antenna - Check for proper coding of radio, see coding tabel in Tech Bulletin Group 91 number 99-09 dated Oct 25, 1999 When radio is coded according to this table FERN is operational If Radio is coded correctly and FERN OFF appears, then antenna and connections are NOT OK - Checkantenna and connections

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How do you disconnect antenna power on 2001 4Runner?

Your antenna can be disconnected from behide your radio or if you know how to take off your antenna mount on the outside of your car the cable that's attached to that you can disconnect but make sure you put black tape around it because sometimes it can act as a ground for your radio.

How can you fix a CB radio that has noise interference?

Squealing can come from a number of things. But usually, its a bad ground connection from the radio or either the antenna needs a better ground.

Can you replace power antenna on 99 4 runner without replacing it with a power antenna?

There are a lot of aftermarket antenna masts that you can get to fit your 4 runner and if you do decide to go with a fixed mast just make sure that you make sure that the wiring harness at the mast doesn't ground out on any metal. Other than that there is no problem with replacing it with a fixed mast antenna.

What is communication system of the aircraft?

Generally speaking, VHF or UHF radio. VHF is also used to communicate with ground personnel (heli logging, SAR, firefighting, etc). The 'system' consists of a radio, antenna cable, and external antenna. an intermediate antenna switch can be used to allow multiple radios of the same band to use the same external antenna.

How do you increase the strength to the receiving antenna?

I think the question needs to know how to increase signal strength from Receiving Antenna.1. Use Better and bigger Ground. This will not only increase signal but will also increase S/N ratio.2. Generally increasing the size of antenna helps.3. Use elements that can increase the effective area of the antenna.4. Ensure that the antenna is well matched to the feeder feeding the RF signal.

How do you remove the power antenna on a Hyundai accent 1998?

Answer1998 MY (model year) Accent vehicle do not have a power antenna. Antenna mast should simply unscrew from mount.Step 1Activate the antenna switch to the up position.(turn on radio)Step 2 Using the wrench or needle-nose pliers, loosen and remove the original retaining nut on the base of the antenna mast.Step 3 Gain access to the underside of the area where the antenna is located.Step 4 Remove the bracket or brace that is below the hole and holding the antenna in place.Step 5 Remove the mast.Step 6 Find the motor that controls the antenna mast. Generally, power antennas will have a constant 12-volt lead and a ground lead. The ground lead will be grounded to the panel next to the motor.Step 7 Remove the ground lead from the panel.Step 8 Pull out the antenna coaxial cable.Step 9 Unplug the coaxial from the extension coaxial cable.Step 10 Remove the original antenna coaxial cable. Note the route the cable follows.Hope it helps

Will a 27mhz cb antenna work on your uhf cb radio?

No, this is not a wise move to make. The antenna metals are not the same. you have to know that antenna metals are different within all Mhz. 2nd- The connectors are different. CB has a wider coax connector and Uhf us smaller. Radio Range/ distance will be less if you use a short wave antenna known as CB. Best to get a High wave antenna- UHF. 27 Mhz is cb radio and the waves are low and long (about 11 meters). 400-460 Mhz is UHF and the waves are high and short (about 67 centimeters). You would need a UHF radio antenna to get the best SWR. Installing a UHF antenna on a car it would require a proper uhf antenna and coax and drilling and using only a UHF Coax cable with the connector. Or buy the Uhf magnet antenna. They are hard to find in your local city and they are pricy because you cant buy them used or at cb shops. you will have to buy one online or go to a Junk yard and find a Police car that has one on top of car. You can Mod Coax cables only if its a UHF cable and antenna. Grounding a car UHF antenna in house can be difficult. Don't run ground to AC ground! you can damage radio. Run Ground wire to the dirt outside and dig a hole and fix with a little water and keep hot coax separated from ground on uhf. Best is to run this to Gutter on roof. Do not MOD CB coaxes with UHF antenna or mix with magnet antenna or CB, VHF, Marine radios. You will waste your time. 800 Mhz police antenna will be your closest match if you decide to do this. It goes by the wave and wave length. Keep Digging

Interior lights out not a fuse?

could be a bad ground or a short to ground possibly bad switch or the light bulb

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