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It could be that your choke on the carb is not staying open.Once the engine heats up depends. if late model you could have a faulty sensor sensor opens up as it gets warmer. it could also be a number of reasons, like a faulty MAP and/or MAT sensor, faulty ECU/ECM, or your TPS. check the choke -----

Answer I agree about checking the choke and the other sensors, but I think something else is happening. You should also check your exhaust system: a partly plugged cat convertor or a crimped/bent tailpipe can slowly produce enough back pressure to stall an engine.

One other thing: my son's 305 had a quadrajet with the fuel filter inside the fitting at the carb: it would slowly clog up, then as the particles fell off, it would eventually restart. Remove the filter there, and use an external inline one!


Answer Everything happening here to your 305 has happened to me on my 83 Silverado. I went up and down checking and replacing all of the above mentioned. As it turned out there was a combination of problems causing the stalling. First, the ignition module was failing, as the truck ran and heated up the module would shut the truck down.. once the truck cooled off, ran normal for another 30-45 minutes. Second, to avoid ruining a new module I replaced the coil at the same time, and capacitor just for peace of mind.. while I was under the cap I also cleaned all the corrosion and rust from the ground as to avoid ever having to pop it off due to a "no spark" issue. This helped me tons until the truck started starving for fuel.... I replaced both fuel filters, the one located in the carb and one external in-line, additionally I replaced the fuel pump and pump push rod (again for peace of mind since they're so cheap.. why not?)... my end result - Carb Problems. Ha! Adjusted carb, gone. Truck Runs Great.. hope this helps you.

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Q: What will cause a 305 gmc to shut off after running for 30-45 minutes starts but will not stay running replaced knock sensor plugs cap rotor timing chain and gears timing is adjusted?
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Why will a 1997 Plymouth voyager not get spark to the distributor after overhauling transaxel?

check your crank sensor it might need to be adjusted or replaced

How does a crank shaft sensor stop engine running?

The crankshaft sensor is critical to the operation of the engine as it supplies information to the engine management computer. It senses both crankshaft position and engine RPM. If the sensor is defective, or improperly adjusted, then the computer cannot receive the proper signals, and can't keep the engine running.

Should a new motor be purchased when a crank shaft sensor needs to be replaced?

no no no my crank sensor when out on my truck ar 95k now i have 125k and she is still running good

Change a throttle position sensor for 05 altima?

The throttle position sensor determines the amount of throttle used when the engine is running at various speeds. If the sensor is faulty, it can be replaced by ordering a new part.

Why does Engine shuts off on Mercedes ml320 after running for a few minutes?

Check ur cps sensor

Why is your 1986 ford ranger running really rich replaced o2 sensor?


What needs to be replaced in a 1985 Pontiac Firebird if the car only stays running while foot is on gas and the throttle positioning sensor had been replaced?

it might be because the idle is low turn your idle up and it should stay running

Why isn't my car running i have replaced the fuel injection sensor the clutch plat sensor fuil injection sensor n the coil pake n the brain box n your car still isn't running what else could it be?

take it to a mechanic. they'll know. I AM LINK....!

Why would a 92 Cavalier start when it is cold but not stay running after a while?

mine did that and i replaced the crank shaft sensor,problem was fixed

What is a system too lean bank 1 on a mercury mystique?

Just had this problem. I replaced the oxygen sensor and it appears to be running fine.

2001 Chevy astro van will not stay running when accelated replaced fuel pump replace mass air flow sensor replaced throttle position sensor crank sensor when you start it it misfires for a little bit?

probably misaligned your crank sensor.. I'm dealing with the same problem, might need to replace with new and make sure to gap properly.

You have replaced the cam shaft sensor for 2001 Kia sportage and it still is not running properly?

may not have been problem. remember you have a camshaft sensor, crankshaft sensor but most importantly the timing belt alignment .if it is worn or jumped a tooth will give same problem.Let me know what you have done to determine it is the cam shaft that needed to be replaced ?

1992 buick lesaber doesnt stay running unless the gas pedal is pushed in no idle time how is this adjusted?

you will have to replace the trottle possitioning sensor (TPS) THIS WILL SOLVE YOU PROBLEM

Which sensor will cause a 1971 300sel6.3engine to stop running after 12 to 15 minutes after starting auto cannot be restarted until it cools down?

cold start sensor or weak fuel pump

Why does my motion sensor stay on when it is dark?

It is either mis-adjusted or broken.

Do you have a diagram for where the speed sensor is on a 1999 ford windstar?

I spent over an hour trying to loosen the one bolt that holds the speed sensor in place. Finally I removed the exhaust pipes and had it replaced in five minutes.

2000 vw bettle 2.0 car stops running in traffic you let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes and it starts again?

I have a 2000 VW Beetle 2.0 and it was the engine speed or crank sensor. The symptom was, I would be driving or idling and the engine would quit. I used my OBD scan tool and it showed the code and the sensor was replaced. The part cost was $125.

Why does the cooling fan of a 95 Escort Wagon 1.9L keep running regardless if the AC is on or off?

The temperature sensor for your cooling fan may need to be changed. The temperature sensor wiring may need to be cleaned or replaced.

Where is the IAT sensor plug on a 2000 Lincoln ls?

the iat sensor is located on the tube running from the air cleaner the sensor has a wire connector running to it

Why does the engine light keep coming on for the crankshaft sensor when it was replaced?

Faulty sensor get it replaced if not check to make sure wire isn't shorting out

How do you reset tire pressure light on a 2011 Dodge Journey?

When a tire pressure sensor has been replaced, the WIN will learn and store the sensor ID when the vehicle is driven continuously above 15 mph for 10 minutes.

1995 Dodge Neon runs for about 15 minutes then shuts down whats wrong?

mine did the same thing i replaced the crank sensor and it runs fine

2000 Honda passport and the check engine light will not turn off you have replaced the egr valve and also replaced the fuel pump because the sensor was bad you had the codes cleared and after driving?

after driving it for fifteen minutes it turns back on

1991 Buick Park Ave just dies after a few minutes of running what is wrong?

check the MAF - Mass Air Flow Sensor

1997 JGC Laredo You have had the coolant sensor replaced but it still tells you that the coolant level is low does the computer need to be reset If so how is it done.?

There are two separate sensors that play here. the "coolant temperature sensor" and "coolant LEVEL sensor". I suggest confirming which of these was replaced, as it is very common for them to be confused. likely you will find the coolant sensor that was replaced was the one on the engine (temperature); The LEVEL sensor is mounted either in the coolant resivoir or in the radiator. Probably just need the proper sensor replaced.

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