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When you say, that it won't "turn over", it is assumed that the engine will not crank when you attempt to engage the starter. If it's cranking but the engine isn't starting the following doesn't apply. If it's not cranking... Usually it's battery, alternator or battery terminals. If that isn't the problem start checking the neutral lockout, the keyswitch or the starter and/or solenoid.

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Q: What will cause your car not to turn over?
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Will a bad ignition switch cause car not to turn over?


Can a leaking master or slave cylinder cause a car not to turn over in a manual transmission car?


Will a bad flywheel cause a car to not turn over?

A bad flywheel can definitely cause the engine not to turn over. The flywheel has teeth. If the teeth are chipped or broken, then the starter can not engage to spin the engine over.

What can cause a car not to turn over?


Can a rusted flywheel cause the engine not to turn over?

No, a rusted flywheel will not cause the engine not to turn over.

What could be the problem if your car wont turn over?

Umm I don't think you want your car to turn over. Ever.

Why will your car not turn over?

There are numerous reasons why a persons car will not turn over. The battery could be dead, the car may be out of gas, or the car may have a problem with the fuel pump.

Will car turn over is crank shaft sensor is bad?

Ye, it will turn over.

The car has power but will not start you can pop the clutch and it will start but when you turn the key it wont?

Does it turn over? Does it turn over?

What would cause a car to turn over but not start?

No Fuel Or no spark you need to check the spark be taking one spark plug out resting it on the manifold have someone turn over car do not touch spark plug but look at the bottee if you have a spark if not change your distributor cap

Do you have to idel the car for the alternator to turn over?


What could cause a car to shift weight when you turn?


Car with charged battery won't start won't turn over?

why after replaced the head gasket car wont turn over??jetta 2000 2.2l

Why does your car key get hot when you're having problems getting the engine to turn over?

You should take car to professional immediatly, you may have electric proplem that may cause fire.

Why would a 95 Toyota Corolla turn over but not start?

A lack of fuel is the most common cause for an automobile to turn over but not start. A plugged air filter can also cause the vehicle to turn over but not start.

What cause a car to turn off when coming to a stop or making a turn?

probably a vacuum leak

Will your car insurance be canceled if you turn on left in a no turn left zone and cause and accident?

No. The reason why you have car insurance is to protect you from at fault accidents.

How can you tell if your car engine has seized?

It will not turn over.

Would a overdue tuneup cause your car not to start?

yes it can. it will rev up like it wants to start but it wont turn over hope that helped

What is the reason when a car engine will not turn over?

If a car engine will not turn over, it could be out of gas. It could also need a tune up or possibly have an electrical problem.

Why does your car turn over slowly and not start then wont turn over?

Nahh, you've got wrong info dude, my car starts on just well! :P

What causes a car engine to turn over?

The starter turns the engine over.

Car will turn over but only starts sometimes?

There are a couple of reasons why a car will turn over but only start sometimes. There could be a starter issue or a spark plug issue.

Why does the car not turn over after starter solenoid is replaced?

If the car does not turn over after the solenoid is replaced, that means the problem was not the starter solenoid. The problems lays elsewhere in the electrical system.

Car won't turn over?

check the coil and plugs