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What will happen if you eat molded bread?

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do not eat it, you will get a stomach ache or very ill, all bread mould is poisonous and should not be eaten, do not simply cut off where the mould is, because the same microorganisms might still be living on the bread, but is not clear/big enough for the human eye to see. do NOT eat it.

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How dangerous is it eat molded bread that has been toasted?

you can get sick; very

Can you eat bread that is not molded but there's some mold in the bag?

no because the mold might have affected the bread.

Can bread mold make you sick?

you will get sick weather you dont want to but if you eat the molded bread you will be throwing up and way worse.

If you touch molded bread and you wash your hands will you still get sick?

Moldy bread doesn't make you sick - even if you accidently eat some of it.

What can you do on the science project?

molded bread

Can a dog be harmed by molded bread?


What will happen to bread in the freezer?

Bread may be frozen and you can eat it once defrosted.

How do you know bread has molded?

You can see the green, gray or black mold on the bread.

What will happen if you eat too much bread?

You will die

What will happen if you eat molded pie?

You'll get a killer pain in your stomach but most likely, you'll survive.

Can cats get sick from eating molded bread?

Yes they can

What is a good title for molded bread?

their isn't one

Do you tolerate bread mold?

Some people do and others don't. Most people will throw out their bread if it is molded.

What can happen if you eat expired bread?

You willl fart loud ohk

What will happen if you eat out of date bread?

you will get a stomach ache and die of pain

Do different types of bread mold at the same rate?

No, they do not. I tested the bread and the flat bread molded the fastest, then wheat bread then sourdough bread. White does not mold because of the preservatives in it.

Do microbes in bread make you ill?

It would be very unusual to get sick from any microbes found in bread. The yeasts that cause bread to rise are not toxic or harmful in any way. If a loaf of bread were badly spoiled and moldy, it would not be healthy, but it isn't likely anyone would eat badly molded bread.

What colour is molded bread?

Several molds grow on bread. Some are white, some black, and some blue.

What would happen if you eat too much bread?

Your stomach bloats... its happened to me

how to eat bread?

You can eat bread with the help of your mouth and teeth

Can you sue a restaurant for serving you molded bread?

You could file suit, but you probably wouldn't win or recover anything. Serving molded bread is not a cause of action, and you'd be hard pressed to prove that you suffered any damages.

Do baby turtles eat bread?

No - never ! Bread never has been part of their NATURAL diet! Improve: Baby turtle aren't supposed to eat bread but they do. Even if you feed them bread, nothing bad should happen to them. Just because they do eat bread, don't feed them it as a substitute to vegetables, meat and fish.

What would happen if A nuclear Power plant was struck by a loaf of bread?

I would eat it!

What are the list of things that happen in the Liturgy of the eucharist?

we eat the bread ,pray and something else

What to do if walnut molded?

Well..... You should throw it away ...... Don't eat anything that's molded unless you like to.....