Chevy Caprice Classic

What windshields from other cars will fit in a 1992 caprice?


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1991-96 Buick Roadmaster, 1991-96 Chevy Caprice/Impala SS, possibly 1993-96 Cadillac Fleetwood

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The '92 and '97 cars had a different design but the windshields may be the same. You should check with an auto glass place.

SOme 92 Caprice cars came with wheel covers other had aluminum rims.

The windshields were removed so that the light did not reflect off the glass and block the actors faces from the cameras.

1992-1996 Corvette, Caprice, Impala SS, Buick Roadmaster, Cadillac Fleetwood, and 92-97 Camaro and Firebird.

Google 1999-2000 Chevrolet Caprice Classic.

Go to and go under antique cars.

Laminated glass, used mainly for windshields and tempered glass for the rear and side windows.

The 1991 Chevy Caprice Station Wagon.

Because not all cars are assembled in Mexico. For instance, Mexico produces windshields which are then exported into the US and later assembled as finished cars in the United States.

Yes they will interchange; everything behind the front header panel will interchange on those two cars.

if you mean materials used to make cars say in 1918: alot of wood for interiors, stamped metal for bodies, and glass for lighting and windshields. in say 1970,s alot of stamped metal,more vinyl for interiors, molded plastics,and laminated plastics wil tempered glass for windshields. today, 2009, alot of molded plastics inside and out, alot of very thin steel, laminated windshields, tupperware bumpers ,etc, and aluminium.

No, they're 2 totally different cars

Yes chevy caprice do run when battery is disconnected as long as the cars alternator is in working condition to keep the car goin once turned won't turn on without battery just like any other.

Holden Caprice can be purchased from: Holden, Car Sales, Car Point, Drive, Auto Trader, Cars Guide, Discount Used Cars, eBay, Aussie Car Brokers, A1 Battery Pro, Auto Line, to name a few.

A Chevy Caprice Classic can be found for sale at the Cars For Sale website and on eBay. Both online stores offer a lists of Chevy Caprice Classic from different sellers. Therefore, the cost of the vehicle can vary.

In Texas there is no law specific to cracked windshield for passanger cars. However, some officers streath is and will write for obstructed view.

the "accessory belt" or "drive belt" is an 87 inch serpentine belt on 4.9 liter cars...there is a 5 mm difference in width on the cars with heated windshields..than from the cars w/o heated windshields.... ac delco part # 6K870 w/o heated windshield ac delco part # 6K875 w/heated windshield the 4.6 northstars take completely different belts. hope this helps

Like with many cars it is probably below the steering wheel close to the brake.

Chevy Box caprice and the chevy impala are nice 1995-1997

As with all other cars, the head gasket is located between the head and the block.

About the only things that are the same of the cars in 1920 and today is that they have 4 wheels and a body. Cars have changed so much. The first cars didn't have lights, windshields, starters, and didn't use rubber tires. Just between today and the 1950's they have changed a great deal. It should be interesting to see what our future cars look like.

Carbon composites - The breaking discs of planes/F1 cars; - Cockpits and wings of planes; - Chassis of F1 cars; - Snowboard/surf/skate boards. Fiberglass: - Windshields - of cars, motos, planes; Kevlar fibers: - Helmlets; - shields; - gloves. Others: - plywood; - concrete; - asphalt.

Assuming it's a V8-equipped Caprice you're referring to, it shared the same transmissions with the Camaro, Malibu, full-size Blazer and Silverado pickups

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