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Q: What would be a likely cause for the outside air temp readout in the headliner console to read a constant -40 F in any temperature in a 2000 F150 XLT 4.6L?
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What is it called when an animal maintains a constant internal temperature even when it is cold outside?

It is called homeostasis (internal environment maintained at a constant level) or thermostasis (internal heat maintained at a constant temperature). The overall name for the processes by which temperature is controlled is thermoregulation.

Which mammal has a constant body temperature?

All mammals are classified as endotherms, which means they have some ability to keep a constant body temperature. However, endothermy is not complete, so a disease or extreme outside temperatures could overpower the mammal's ability to keep its body temperature constant.

What is the difference between coldblooded and warmblooded?

If you are warmblooded wherever you go your body temperature always constant and if you are coldblooded your body temperature will change to whatever the outside temperature is.

How does blubber help the whales to maintain a constant body temperature?

Blubber is fat. Fat provides insulation to any body. Wales have plenty of fatty blubber that insulates their bodies. With the body insulated, their internal workings are able to maintain a constant temperature as the outside temperature is not an issue.

Why are basements cool in summer and hot in winter?

Deep in the ground the temperature in a basement usually remains constant all the year round. Thus, RELATIVE to the OUTSIDE temperature, the air in the BASEMENT is cool in the summer when the OUTSIDE air is HOT and warm in the winter when the OUTSIDE air is COLD.

What characteristic do all mammals have that helps them keep a stable internal temperature?

This is called thermal homeostasis: the ability to keep a somewhat constant internal temperature despite outside circumstances.

How does the body try to keep this temperature constant when it is hot outside?

sweating; i learned this from study island from science class, with Mrs. flannery.

What is the temperature of snow?

There is no exact temperature of snow, but it varies by the temperature outside.

How does the outside temperature affect the body temperature?

The outside temperature affects the body temperature because it the body temperature will try to regulate itself. For example, if the temperature outside is cold, the body will generate heat as much as possible to maintain a core temperature.

What happens to a balloon when its taken outside on a cold day?

As we know, Charles's Law states that for a fixed amount of gas at a constant pressure, the volume of the gas changes in the same way that the temperature of the gas changes. So, if a balloon is taken outside on a cold winter day, which means in a low temperature, the volume will also decrease due to the lower temperature.

Where is 2003 outside temperature sensor?

Where is outside temperature sensor 2003 Monte Carlo SS

Does condensation increases or decreases temperature?

At the point of condensation, the temperature of the condensing substance remains constant. However, the condensation was caused by lowering temperatures, so unless an outside source began heating the substance while it was condensing, the substance will continue to drop in temperature after condensing.

What does outdoor temperature mean?

The temperature measured when you are outside.

What is the temperature in cattle housing?

Depends on the outside temperature.

What outside temperature will cause air to flow out of a building?

Air will flow out of a building when the outside temperature is warmer.

How cold should water be for pond fish?

The outside temperature should be the should be the same temperature as the outside.

Where is thea outside temperature sensor on a 900se Saab?

Where is thea outside temperature sensor on a 900se saab?

Is 95.5 temperature low?

It depends on whether you're asking about body temperature or outside temperature. For body temperature, that's low to average. For outside temperature, on the other hand, that's rather hot.

Were thermonstat located on a 98 Lexus es300?

the thermostat is located on the bottom screen in the center of the car. to the bottom left of the center console there is a black circular knob it you rotate it to the right it turns up the temperature and vice versa if you press inwards it shows the exterior temperature outside.

What should heat temperature be set to if it is 30 degrees outside?

The indoor temperature setting should be at a comfortable level for living in. The outside temperature should be an irrelevance.

Why is the word ICE blinking on the mileage display for a 96 jeep grand Cherokee?

The outside temperature sensor is indicating a temperature where the formation of ice on the road is possible.The outside temperature sensor is indicating a temperature where the formation of ice on the road is possible.

Your outside temperature display in your 2003 altima is reading wrong where is the outside temperature sensor located?

The outside temperature sensor on a 2003 Altima is located just behind the front bumper. it is on the passenger side of the vehicle in the undercarriage.

What has a body temperature that changes as the outside temperature changes?


If the temperature is 65F outside what is the temperature in degrees Celsius?

18.33 C

What is the water temperature at the bottom of a shallow lake?

Depends on the outside temperature