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fit a twin turbo engine

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Q: What would be easier put a turbo on a 90 300zx na or a supercharger?
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What is better for a Honda 01 Prelude Turbo or Supercharger?

I would install a turbo, due to the availability different turbo kits, I think only Jackson racing is the only company advertising a supercharger for the prelude. Turbo kit has room to grow, easier to modify, better fuel economy, etc.

What would be better for a 350z a turbo or a supercharger?

Because of the advancements in turbo technology, A turbo system is what I would recommend. It is more flexible, easier to upgrade later and more efficient than a supercharger. Depending on how big you go, it could give you better low/mid range torque for a wider powerband.

Will a 1990 300zx twin turbo trans work in a 1990 300zx non turbo motor?

the only thing different would the internals of the trans the turbo trans is a heavy duty trans.

Which is better supercharger or twin turbo?

I would say that for more power and efficiency, you should go with the twin turbo.

Can you supercharge your 300zx twin turbo and take the turbos out and put a supercharger in or are they permantely mounted?

The turbos can be removed and replaced with an upgrade. So surely you can remove them out and run the car w/o. The question is, why would you want to?

Can you put a turbo in a 2008 dodge charger?

Yes, you can put a turbo and a supercharger on the chargers. wear would i go to find out how

Would a driver's-side window from an 85 300ZX turbo fit into an 84 300ZX 2 2?

no, the 2+2 has a longer door.

Would a engine of a auto trans non turbo work in a manual non turbo in a 300zx?

Yes the engines are exactly the same if they are of the same year

Can a 350zx engine fit in a 1996 300zx?

yea but you have to change the mounts and the radiator but why would you do that just turbo it

Can you install a supercharger and a turbo on a ford f150?

Yes, but with today technology, it would be a waste of money(not needed/expensive.)

Can you install a supercharger and turbo on a 2009 Mazda rx8 renesis engine?

yes, but it would be a complete waste of money to do both

How to install a supercharger into a 1997 ford thunderbird 4.6l?

A turbocharger would be more practical and easier to install.

Can you run a turbo and a supercharger at the same time on a 1991 talon?

Yes it is possible. You would be better off running 2 turbos.

How much does a turbocharger add horsepower to a 4 cylinder?

"not alot ur better of getting a supercharger it will add more horse power with better pick up" This is not necessarily true, a supercharger will give you more power at low end, but die out at high end, where as a turbo will do the opposite. But with dyno tests, it's shown that on lesser cylinder cars, a turbo is the way to go. I have an 08 civic, and a supercharger would have given me 40-50 hp at the wheels, where a turbo would have given me 80.

Is a turbo charger or supercharger better for a 08 Honda Civic SI?

well, IMO a supercharger would be better because it gives you the ability to run your engine safely under boost unlike a turbo that really doesnt have a limit, superchargers also feed of your engine and always have boost applied

Turbocharger vs Supercharger?

what are you asking? the difference between them is that a supercharger works through the intake side of the engine and a turbocharger works on the exhaust no, dude. The supercharger and turbo charger both are forced induction meaning that they both work on the intake. the difference is that the supercharger is belt driven and the turbo charger is gas driven meaning that the supercharger is connected to the belt system of your engine, creating instant power as you accelerate as it is driven off the system it is boosting. the turbo charger works off of your exhaust gas as mentioned earlier and is also affective however it takes a short while for the exhaust gas to turn the turbines thus creating something called turbo lag. if you are asking which is better. anything under 3500 cc and 6 cylinders i would turbo charge, anything above i would supercharge. but you can do either to any engine.

Supercharger or turbocharger?

It depends on the application, but with the improvement of turbo designs/technology/efficiency and from a fuel economy stand point I would choose a turbocharger.

What would it be better for a 5.0 mustang a supercharger or a turbo?

It is a person preference question, what do you want from the system? I would recommend if you want... low end torque/ throttle response- Kenne bell/whipple screw supercharger A daily driver that you want close to stock cruising/part throttle characteristics, but more power when you need it - go turbo.

Can a turbo or supercharger fit in a 2008 dodge avenger and how much will it cost to put it into a AWD verison?

Anything is possible for enough money. Dodge never made a turbo or awd version so this would be very expensive.

Turbocharger or supercharger for my automatic v6 2001 camaro?

Nither get a v8 manual. you would be wasting your time putting a super or turbo charger in a v6 auto.

Does 1990 Nissan 300zx have 4 seats?

only on the 2+2 models (NA) models. twin turbo models were 2 seats......if you you wanted a 4 seat twin turbo it would have to come directly from japan

How can you get more hp out of my 01 prelude?

Apply more pressure to the go pedal! No the most hp would be (besides turbo or supercharger) replacing the camshaft and rocker arms

Can you use a 1984 Nissan 300zx turbo on a 1986.5 Toyota supra?

You can, but it would be difficult due to placement, I would personally throw a CX Racing CT26 Turbo in there, it kicks a hell of a lot more and easily fits to the car. Hope this helps! P.S. The CX turbo runs for around 385, so I would not charge you if you were to need assistance.

How do you convert a 1982 Mercedes 240D engine to a turbo?

It would be cheaper and easier to get a td engine and drop it in.

1986 Nissan 300zx and want to add a turbo what modifications will need to be done?

depends on how much you are willing to spend, i would definilty consider swapping the older motor for a newer 89-92 300zx motor that already has twin turbos and are easy to work on. it you want to stay with the stock motor, you will have to first off get a custom turbo manifold, piping and intercooler.