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I can tell you with a fair amount of confidence that it is your water pump leaking. I am having the same thing happen on my 1997 Chevy z71. I have changed many water pumps for the same reason. If you are mechanically inclined I would go purchase a chilton manual at the local auto parts store where and when you get the pump. Be ready for a full day job and also buy antifreeze and gasket sealant.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:50:32
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Q: What would be leaking antifreeze about midway down the fan belts on a 1990 Chevy Corsica 6 cylinder and how do you replace or repair it?
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98 dodge caravan antifreeze hose leaking?

If the hose is leaking, replace it.

Why is antifreeze leaking near thermostat?

Failed seal. Replace it.

Clutch fluid leaking on the ground on a 1997 Hyundai?

your slave cylinder is leaking,need to replace.

Why is antifreeze leaking around the thermostat housing?

The housing gasket may be bad. Replace the gasket.

Antifreeze coming in air vents?

Your heater core is leaking, Need to REPLACE HEATER CORE.

How do you replace a leaking injector on a 1996 Chevy s 10 4-cylinder?

new injector

How do you replace a master cylinder on a 1996 Chevy Corsica?

remove the two nuts holding the master cylinder on the power brake booster

Why can I smell antifreeze in my car?

antifreeze smell inside car means that there is antifreeze leak somewhere. first check for wet spots under car when parked after running.if anti freeze is leaking from engine it will pool on the ground next check to see if heater core is leaking. that is usually the problem. if heater core is leaking, replace it

How do you fix leaking clutch fluid at the pedal?

The fluid is leaking from the master cylinder and running back towad the pedal. Replace the master cylinderanswerchange master cylinder and slave properly then bleed the system properly.

2001 Ford Taurus leaking antifreeze Passenger floorboard is completely soaked and you are constantly replacing fluid Is it the heater core?

your heater core is leaking i would replace it.

How do you fix a leaking slave cylinder on 87 Jeep Cherokee Does it have to be replaced?

Yes, replace it.

You have and antifreeze smell in your 2003 Nissan when the heat or defrost is turned on what should you do?

you probably have a leaking heater can replace it or bypass it

How do stop antifreeze from blowing on the inside of windshield?

Sounds like heater core is leaking, replace heater core or bypass

If you have a 1994 Pontiac gran prix what do you do if the antifreeze is leaking?

Find the leak and replace the hose/part that's leaking. It's a good time to flush your coolant system, too.

How do you tell if the clutch master cylinder is gone out on a 87 king-cab Nissan truck?

first check your clutch slave cylinder for leaks, if its leaking ,replace and bleed system,if its not leaking,bleed system ,dont forget to bleed clutch damperand if its still not right, then replace clutch master cylinder.

Why a white air that smells like antifreeze is coming out of car heaters?

white air that smells like antifreeze coming out of heater, indicates that you need to replace the heater core in your is leaking

Brake fliuld coming from behid left rearwheelwhen brakes apply Chevrolet Tahoe?

You have a blown / leaking wheel cylinder. Replace wheel cylinder.

How do you replace the ignition cylinder in a 1991 Chevy Corsica?

Not an easy job requiring special pullers and tools. I suggest taking it to a garage.

Why is my 1992 buick leaking antifreeze around top of radiator?

You likely need to replace your radiator cap - the rubber seal in the cap is worn.

1996 Crown Victoria Antifreeze on your spark plugs?

Antifreeze on the electrode end of the plug may mean a blown head gasket. Antifreeze on the upper portion of the plug that fills the plug well may be caused by a leaking heater hose. There are not enough details here to be more specific. It seems like you have a leaking dome.Need to replace a new one

What if your antifreeze drips and it looks like rust?

then you should have your radiator flushed because you have rust in it. FYI: antifreeze can strip the paint off of your it you spill it. Also, you may need to replace your radiator if the antifreeze is leaking, it may be through a rusted/corroded portion of the radiator.

How do i tighten my leaking power steering reservoir 97 Ford Ranger 4-cylinder?

Seals are probably shot. Replace the pump/reservoir assembly.

How do you check to see if the oil gauge line is leaking on your 91 jeep Cherokee 6 cylinder?

Trace it or replace it

How do you adjust the clutch on a 1988 Nissan pickup?

Its hydraulic ,you cant,check your slave cylinder to see if its leaking,its located thru a rubber cover on side of transmission,if leaking replace and bleed,also check clutch master cylinder,if not leaking,then you might need a new clutch kit.

How do you fix an antifreeze leak in your car?

Depends where it's leaking, but basically you fix it the same way you fix any coolant leak. <><><><><> Generally, its a hose that is leaking. You find the leaking hose, and you replace it, being sure to properly treat the ends with anti-leak compound. If its the radiator, you need to replace that. If its the intake manifold or head, you are getting into big bucks to replace the gasket involved.