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What would be the cause of ignition not turning and getting stuck in lock mode is this something that can be fixed?


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Your ignition key may be too worn down, the car dealership can probably make you a new one. Another cause may be worn lock cylinder parts (springs, etc.) or there could be dirt/sand in the cylinder.


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No, the ignition switch is not located in the tumbler assembly. If the key is stuck try turning the steering wheel each way while at the same time turning the key. If it will not come out then something is wrong with the assembly.

Could be. But it might be an alternator problem instead of a batery problem. You need a good alternator to keep the bttery recharged. I wouldn't run out and buy a battery without getting the alternator checked.

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Bad spark plugs can cause a mini chopper to not get a spark. Another common cause is a bad ignition switch.

if the battery isn't dead, or the terminals loose or dirty, number one cause - ignition problem (spark plugs not getting electricity)

Is it a loud thump like something has hit under the car?

Cause he is trapped there so he wants the other worlds to come to him or something like that

Well, if your steering wheel was crooked it can cause the car to lock up, jiggle the steering wheel WHILE turning the key in the ignition.

The parts inside the ignition can be corroding. Solution Spray some WD-40 in there if that doesn't work you may need a new ignition. Keys can wear down and cause this problem, you may want to try a new key before replacing the ignition switch.

Sometimes wear on the key and/or ignition barrel can cause this. sometimes the steering lock is under load , and jostleing the wheel while turning the key can help.Try a little squirt of WD40 down the key hole.

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Technically cranking good and turning over are the same thing. I assume you mean cranks good but doesn't run. Two common causes: 1) Fuel: not getting any. Tank empty, fuel pump dead, pressure regulator bad, fuel line blockage 2) Ignition: none. Bad ignition module or other ignition component. Less common cause: 1) Timing: timing belt/chain issue. If the timing belt or chain breaks or hops a notch then you may find you have both fuel and ignition but with the timing wrong it can't fire when its not getting ignition at the proper (compression) time.

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Yes, the ignition on a trailblazer can cause head lights to work improperly.

Is it the correct key? then the lock cylinder it damaged. Also have you tried turning the steering wheel to releive the preesure cause the wheels are turned ?

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Try turning the steering wheel until it locks before you try it, though I'm not sure this will work.

A bad ignition switch, on your 1995, Mercury Voyager, will cause the vehicle not to start. In most cases a bad ignition will cause the engine not to turn over.

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