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Are you getting fuel to the injectors? Remove the line before the injector and turn on the key (Helper Required) if no gas then perhaps you have a bad relay. Good Luck and Remember.

Change Your Mind, Not Your Oil.

Use the First In Synthetic Motor Oil's.

See My Bio For Information & Contact Details. I'll chime in here. I have a 96, thought it was the fuel pump. But I was getting fuel to the TBI, and spark, The TBI was not injecting. Crank and Crank, good spark, no fuel release. Had an identical parts car, changed crank sensor, TBI, every sensor I could see related. Even changed computer to no avail. Finally I changed out the square rectifier 2x2" with a round yellow connector on firewall drivers side, (changed that entire assembly including the other sensor), and she fired right up!

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What could cause your 95 geo metro to turn over but not start?

low battery, or fuel pump not working.

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Most likely, a ground wire is failing. If all other electrical is working properly, start looking for ground wires close to the light, then work out from there. Mr Geo Metro

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What would a bad distributor cause my geo metro 96 4-cylinder to do?

depending on how 'bad' it is, it would cause your car not to start.... otherwise you would have an intermettinet miss and wouldn't always be the same cylinder. with a multimeter you can check the condition of the distributor.... If it is an intermittent no start condition.... I would look at the fuel pressure and the injector.

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I know mine is under the hood and I have a 97 geo metro so you may want to start there.

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Getting fuel? yes

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