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What would cause a 2000 Toyota 4runner to 'skip' and or 'sputter' during idleing?

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check for tune-up. chack mass air flow meter.

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How often do you change out timing chain in 2005 Toyota 4runner?

It should last the life of the engine and is normally replaced during an engine overhaul.

What causes a 1995 eagle summit to sputter during acceleration?

Try disconnection your MAF ( mass airflow sensor ) and if it doesn't sputter when you accelarate, it means your sensor is gonzo.

Why does my 95 Honda Civic sputter and cough while accelerating during normal driving?

One reason a 1995 Honda Civic might sputter and cough while accelerating during normal driving is because of a bad coil. Another reason could be a bad fuel pump or fuel filter. Still another reason could be a bad oxygen sensor.

What causesm 98 Toyota Camry to stall during acceleration?

A bad fuel line can cause a 98 Toyota Camry to stall during acceleration. This happens when the line can not get proper fuel to the engine.

Which German car rolled over during a routine test?

The Toyota Celica.

When did the first Toyota Yaris car come out?

The first Toyota Yaris first appeared in 1999 and was also known as the Toyota Echo. It was marketed between 1999 and 2005 and a hybrid version was unveiled during March 2012.

During what years was the Toyota Starlet manufactured?

The Toyota Starlet was sold from 1973 until 1999. The Starlet was available in Japan, Indonesia and some European countries but never in the United States.

Where can one find more information about the Toyota Gullo?

Gullo Toyota is a Toyota dealership located in Conroe, Texas. For more information on the dealership, one could visit their website, contact them by phone, look up customer reviews or stop by during business hours.

Is the Toyota 4.7 ltr v8 an interference motor?

According to Toyota repair manual.... during assembly being carefull of camshaft alignment marks in relationship to crankshaft or damage to engine will occur..

What song plays during the Toyota Tundra space shuttle commercial?

Jorge Quintero - 300 Violin Orchestra

What would cause my1995 Toyota Previa to hesitate during acceleration with no power?

Start at the fuel filter. It may be clogged.

Are all 1988 Toyota Celica convertibles aftermarket?

They are not aftermarket, they just were not done at the Toyota factory. They are factory authorized conversions done in California. I believe the same company may have made GM's convertibles during the late 80's as well.

Does a 1999 Toyota Camry have an emergency fuel shut off switch in case of an accident and where is it?

Yes, a 1999 Toyota Camry does have an emergency fuel shut off switch. The switch is actually built in the car and will shut off itself during an accident.

Trying to find out what you should expect to pay for a timing belt and water pump replacement in your 98 V6 4Runner. I was quoted 625 from a Toyota dealer. Is this too high or competitive?

I did this myself on my 1996 4Runner at about 90K miles for about $300 in parts (water pump, power belts, timing belt, and radiator hoses). This included a special flywheel pulley holder tool. Regardless, I highly recommend anyone replacing the timing belt to also replace all of the idler pulleys, water pump, and drive belts as these have to be removed and/or accessed during the timing belt replacement anyway. The labor savings of getting it done now will pay back huge dividends in the long-run if you are planning to keep your vehicle.

What is the name of the song playing in the Toyota sequioa commercial I saw the commercial during the ncaa tournament?

Mongoose by Fu Manchu. Buy their music

How do you reset a digital odometer on a 2005 Toyota Corolla?

my cable was damaged during the snow storm. Does it go to the front wheel or back. Thank you

How many years last Toyota Camry 1998?

That's a good car but its longevity depends on the care and maintenance the car has received during its lifetime.

What could causes my 1997 Saturn to sputter during acceleration as the gas gets lower below the half way point. The problem is more frequent when I first start driving on cold mornings.?

Try to find a fuel pressure gauge. The fuel pump sounds suspicious from your description.

Why do side sliding doors of Toyota sienna mini van stick during winter?

My guess is there is a large surface area weather seal with condesation that freezes.

Where land cruiser is made?

the Toyota land cruiser was first built in japan during the early 1940's. the latest model is built in the united states.

Is Toyota ATF-WS compatible with Toyota T-IV fluid?

Toyota ATF-WS (World Standard) Automatic Transmission Fluid used in certain 2004-2008 vehicles is NOT compatible with Toyota T-IV or Dexron ATF. WS ATF was introduced to reduce maintenance costs and increase the mileage between scheduled maintenance checks. The recommended maintenance interval for INSPECTION is 100,000 miles; ATF-WS does NOT require any flushing or changing during the life of the vehicle.

Do you need to change timing belt tensioner and timing belt guide during routine timing belt change on 2003 Toyota Tacoma?

Not unless they are damaged or faulty.

If Toyota center uses 1100 kilowatts of energy during the day and 850 kilowatts at night what percentage is used at night?

Night time usage is approximately 43.5%.

Which branch of statistics would employ probability to predict how many miles one should be able to drive a 2000 Toyota celica during its lifetime?

inferential statistics

Do you need to change the timing chain on 07 Toyota sienna?

No, timing chains are designed to normally last the life of the engine and are replaced during a complete engine rebuild.