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2003 Ford Expedition stalling. I have this SUV and I just love it when it runs smooth. More or less times the coil goes bad, Ford said this shouldn't happen, but it do. You have 8 of them and there located/connect to the spark plugs. The trick is finding which one, if you have the time or money change all ($44-$55 for the coil & $2-$10 for the spark plug) if your a do it yourself person invest in the OBD reader, it will make life a little easier by displaying the code, that would lead you to the cylinder(misfire) and that's the one (or two) to repair. Better yet INVEST in the OBD2 reader it make life so much better...KNOWING is HALF the BATTLE......



I have finally fixed my stalling problem in my 2003 ford expedition and wanted to share the repair with you, first of all for the safety of our families, and the cost of everything the mechanics think is wrong (even most ford mechanics are not aware of this fix) I have been lucky and never did the coil packs, fuel pump and new throttle body and valve. I did waste money on the camshaft sensor and IAC control valve; I did keep the old one so I have a back up if I need it in the future. I didn't try the high octane fuel fix because I heard of this year throwing spark plugs which are big bucks to repair. Putting on this part and looking at the old one makes me think I didn't even need a new one, but didn't know what to expect when I bought it. The bracket connects the alternator to the positive terminal on your battery. If you start at the battery + terminal it has 2 red wires coming out of it. They are both usually red and about the same thickness. One of them goes into a long black rectangle clip that says "fusable Link" or something like that. Then comes out the other side and goes to the alternator. Past the fusable link box there will be 2 wires that split off of this wire. If you are in front of the truck one wire runs towards you and is pretty short. It plugs into another wire. The second wire is longer and it runs away from you THIS IS the wire you need to follow. It runs back towards the battery into a plug under it. Follow this wire from where it comes off of the big wire. You will find it resting on a silver/aluminum tube (its an AC pipe) Flip the wire over where it is touching this pipe, you will find the wire is rubbed down to the bare metal!!! It is randomly shorting out your engine and you will STALL. If I didn't by the part I would try to tape it up, tape the pipe it rests on as well or get some foam tubing for the pipe, if the wires are too worn, looks like you could always use a wire nut.


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Q: What would cause a 2003 Ford Expedtition Eddie Bauer 5.4L to stall at low and highway speeds and thump loudly after stalling?
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