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What would cause a 85 Chevy Caprice to only blow out cool air with it all the way up?


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2006-08-02 03:24:53
2006-08-02 03:24:53

Have you checked the heater core? It's happened to me before.


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Probably from blow by. Check your PCV valve for proper operation.

if its in the reservoir it should be in the radiator of it is then it has a blow head gasket or a crack head

Check Antifreeze level..make sure there are no leaks under the vehicle.

An Electrical Short Cut somewhere would cause it to blow the fuse. A pinch wire would ground the system, and cause a shortcut.

A blow to the head would cause swelling.

computer fuse blow out when turn ighition on what is the cause

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No, cause if you do, the car will blow up due to lack of air circulation...

Bad exhaust valve / Not seating in the head

They get old and become weak.

Depending on what engine is in the vehicle, it may not have a distributor. If the engine is the 5.7L it does have a distributor. If you have the 4.8L or the 5.3L these engines do not have distributors.

caprice. hands down. quicker acceleration, better handling, more power, better stopping, higher top speed, larger aftermarket support. plus if you're rear ended in a caprice it wont blow up like a crown vic thanks for the info but atleast with a crown vic i will have fire works every Canada day

most probable cause would be over heating

the relay switch maybe stickin

could be an air lock in cooling system could be vac operated valve faulty sticking

A short somewhere could do it.

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