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the tranny could be mis-shifting(auto), this is an electonically controlled tranny.....and could be complex... service the tranny, and when refilling add a LARGE can of Trans-X, this will free up the valve body... if its a stick trans, or auto, the STRUTS could be going, or front control arm bushings...etc...front end stuff... check all the basics in the tune-section of a manual, and keep at it until your F*&^%&^%groovin again..:) also the library should have a professional shop manual available in the reference section for FREE to make copies of--the PRO manual has more detailed info, and may have wiring diagrams when up and fix 'em like a PRO...good luck Dave :)

2006-08-13 17:30:11
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How do you fix a sticking accelerator pedal on a 1999 mercury villager?

I had the same problem for almost a year and damaged both engine mounts and trans mount. The fix was simple. The throttle body was gummed up and sticking. Took it apart and cleaned it with carb and throttle body cleaner and no more sticking. Smoothest pedal in a year.

Where are the engine mounts located on a 1995 dodge neon sohc?

The 1995 Dodge Neon engine mounts are located on each corner of the engine. There will be to engine mounts in the front and two engine mounts in the rear.

How many engine mounts does a 2002 Pontiac Bonneville have?

it has 4 mounts , 2 engine mounts, and 2 transmission mount

How many engine mounts are there on a 1991 corolla?

how many engine mounts are there on a 1991 corolla.

Can you install a Dodge 360 engine and transmission into a 1975 Chevy truck?

It is possible, but there are so many parts that would have to be fabricated that is it likely more trouble than it is worth. The engine mounts, transmission mounts, drive shaft, shifter linkage and throttle linkage, would all be incompatible

How do you adjust the engine mounts on your 1970 Chevy nova without replacing them?

Chevrolet engine mounts are two-piece designs, whereby one piece attaches to the engine and the other to the frame. Motor mounts are fairly durable, but old mounts can break when subject to heavy acceleration. Fortunately, the engine does not have to be removed to remove the mounts.

How do you change the motor mounts on a 1999 Chevy Blazer?

This job is of skilled to moderate difficulty. It will require the vehicle to be safely lifted and the engine to be supported. Once lifted and the engine supported the two engine mounts can be unbolted. It would help to have an air wrench due to the torque involved. There should be two bolts retaining each mount. Once removed the mounting surfaces should be cleaned and degreased. The new mounts can then be replaced.

How do you remove engine mounts on 1995 Hyundai sonata?

how do you remouve engine mounts on 1995 Hyundai sonata

Where is the PVC valve on a 1998 Mercury villager?

It mounts to the throttle body assembly.

How many engine mounts are on a 94 Saturn sedan?

2 mounts

What holds a engine to the car?

Motor/engine mounts. Number of mounts and configuration differs from one vehicle to the next.

Are the engine mounts on a car hard to repair?

Engine mounts on a car are very difficult to repair and can cost thousands of dollars as the engine must be removed.

How many engine mounts does a 2002 cadillac deville have?

how many motor mounts

How do you change the front motor mounts in a 1997 Plymouth Breeze 4-cly?

You need to support the engine when removing any mounts. The mounts bolt to the engine, and bolt to the unibody of the car. You can find the locations of all of the engine mounts by hunting around the engine bay or by picking up a Chiltons and Haynes manual.

Where are the motor mounts of the 1999 Mitsubishi galent located?

The 1999 Mitsubishi has four motor mounts. There is a motor mount on each corner of the engine. The motor mounts can be seen from the bottom of the engine.

How many engine mounts on an Audi tt?

An Audi tt is known to have 7 engine motor mounts. It is suggested that that stretch bolts be used when replacing the mounts to ensure the right amount of torque is applied to hold the engine in place.

Will Chevy engine mounts fit Buick engines?

No. The tranny mounts are a different pattern.

How do you replace engine mounts on a 1997 Toyota Tercel?

no its a1997 avalon replacing the mounts

Why cars engine mount tilted?

Worn rubber on motor mounts. Replace mounts.

What is the Cost to replace engine mounts on a 1992 Toyota Camry?

The cost to replace engine mounts on this car can run between $30-$300+. This can cost even more depending on where the mounts are bought, the brand of the mounts, and if someone else does the work.

Should engine lift after your motor mounts are replaced?

If the old mounts were compressed over the years, there could be a small lift of the engine with new mounts. If the lift is more than an inch or so, you should check that the proper mounts were installed.

How do you install motor mounts 67 dart slant six?

Lift and properly support front of car. Remove the nuts from lower half of the mounts (one per mount). Raise engine enough for the mounts to clear the frame brackets and support engine safely. Unbolt motor mount brackets from engine block. Remove mounts with engine bracket. Unbolt motor mounts from engine brackets on the bench. Reverse procedure for installation.

Where is the EGR valve on a 1989 Chevy Celebrity?

The location of the EGR valve on a 1987 to 1989 Chevy Celebrity depends on which engine the car has. If the car has the 2.8L V6 the EGR valve mounts to the plenum near the throttle body. If the car has the 2.5L 4 cylinder engine the EGR valve mounts in the center of the intake manifold near the valve cover.

How many motor mounts on 1997 Buick Park Avenue?

The 1997 Buick is equipped with four motor mounts. There will be to motor mounts on the rear of the engine and two motor mount on the front of the engine.

Can you use a 525i engine in a 325i?

You can put a BMW 525 engine into a BMW 325. The motor mounts will need to be changed. The 525 engine motor mounts will not match the 325 engine compartment.