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What would cause a belt on a 98 Nissan Sentra to suddenly start squeaking?

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2004-12-02 07:50:28
2004-12-02 07:50:28

If you drive through a water puddle, water can get on the belts-antifreeze leaking, oil leaking, maybe a bad alternator /idler bearing, and sometimes a glazed/worn out belt.

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A bad control switch can cause your 2003 Nissan Sentra heater blower to stay on. The motor or a bad sensor can also cause the heather not to work properly.

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sadly i have a 99 sentra se that i can not put aftermarket tail lights on cause i have yet to find any that will fit. boughten two sets that said they were for the 99 but only fit 98 models. sorry hope you find some

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