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Answer Humming noise from front endI just got my car fixed with the same problem and it was the wheel bearing and it is gone.

Was it a fwd car?

2009-12-26 23:41:38
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Q: What would cause a car to make a constant humming noise from the front end while accelerating and decelerating?
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What would cause a loud humming sound from the front end of a vehicle when accelerating?

bad wheel bearings

What could cause a humming or whining sound from a 2001 Altima engine after cranking continuing when driving it is louder when accelerating and decelerating also very noticeable when turning corners?

Check the power steering pump for the cause of the noise. I sounds like the pump is causing the whining and is either low on fluid or possibly going bad.

What cause an object to be accelerating in a straight line?

A constant force in the direction of the line

What would cause a humming sound when accelerating?

If it sounds like its coming from inside the car its probably the fuel pump if not its kind of hard to say.

What would cause a computer tower to make a surging noise rather than a constant humming noise as it usually does?

A computer tower may make a surging noise rather than a constant humming noise if the case's screws are not properly tightened. Another reason for such a surging noise is the imminent failure of a fan.

What causes a brief humming noise after initial acceleration?

Certain types of tires may cause a brief humming noise after your initial acceleration. The transmission may also cause a brief humming noise.

What would cause humming noise in front end of 99 Mercury Sable?

1999 Mercury front and humming noises can because by several things. Tire noises are the most common cause. A tire that is not wearing properly can cause a humming noise.

What would cause a 2002 Ford Taurus hesitating when accelerating?

There are several things that can cause your 2002 Ford Taurus to hesitate when accelerating. A dirty air filter will cause the problem.

What would cause a 2003 Chevy Malibu to make a constant roaring noise upon ignition and when accelerating?

Noises are impossible to correctly diagnoise unless heard. Take it to a garage.

What will cause a humming noise in radio?

Charging system

Ceiling fan makes a humming noise?

Most ceiling fans make a humming noise. If you feel the humming noise is unusual, you should check how attached the fan is to the ceiling, as the vibration of the fan can cause a humming noise.

What would cause loss of power when accelerating?

Loss of power when accelerating can be caused by a number of things. A leak in the fuel line or even a bad alternator can cause this.

Is a car balanced or unbalanced when turninng while moving at a constant speed?

The forces acting on the car are unbalanced because it is accelerating by changing direction, even though it has constant speed. Unbalanced forces cause acceleration (change in motion). That is what Newton's first law of motion is about.

What is the cause of humming noise while driving?

Bad wheel bearing

What could cause a banging sound when accelerating?

Fuel is not good!

If a car is accelerating downhill under a net force of 3674 N what additional force would cause the car to have a constant velocity?

An additional force of 3674N in the opposite direction, making the net force 0N, would provide constant acceleration. Since a = F/m, if F = 0 then a = 0, and constant velocity is when a = 0.

What causes the car to hesitate when accelerating at speeds below 20mph?

Bad speed sensors can cause the car to hesitate when accelerating at speeds below 20 mph. The blockage of the air filters can also cause the car to hesitate when accelerating at speeds below 20 mph.

What would cause a deep humming sound when the car goes past 45 mph?

Possibly worn wheel bearings can create a humming or groaning sound.

Clicking noise when accelerating?

A clicking noise, when accelerating, can be caused by a worn CV joint. The CV joint can cause the axle to collapse when it breaks.

What can cause a humming sound to come from the axle of my car?

A bearing going bad.

What causes humming sound like a motor in my ear?

Tinnitus is the cause of a humming sound in the ear. There are several things that can cause tinnitus; ear infections, wax in the ear, hearing loss from loud noises, and Meniere's disease.

Why is an object traveling at a constant speed but turning left said to be accelerating?

Acceleration is not a change in speed, but a change in velocity. Velocity is, unlike speed, a vector, and so as the direction of velocity changes there must be an acceleration to cause that change.

Why is the propane grill humming?

Cause it can't remember the words? Probably the regulator humming. Try adjusting burner control up or down. Replace the regulator if needed.

What must cause acceleration when a car is moving a constant speed and why?

Acceleration is scientifically defined as a change in velocity, not an increase in speed. Thus slowing down, speeding up, or changing direction are all forms of accelerating. If one is moving at a constant speed, then the only way to accelerate would be to change direction.

What would cause a burning smell and humming sound in the alternator in a 1989 z24?

the bearings