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a mechanic told me it could be the neutral security switch on the clutch if it is a straight drive

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โˆ™ 2006-05-04 15:10:04
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Q: What would cause a car to start and when you shut it off it wont restart?
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What would cause a 97 dodge stratus to shut down while driving and not restart will crank but not start?

fuel pump?

Would a faulty thermostat cause the engine to shut down then hours later the vehicle will restart?

doubt that a t-stat would cause a car to shut down and restart when cold check for an ignition module proublem

Will low oil in Mazda mx6 cause the car to shut off and not restart?

Yes! I got a 1994 MX6 and it would shut down while driving when your oil is low.

What would cause your 2004 F250 6.0L to shut off while driving 60mph and restart after stopping?

Cam positioning sensor. 99.9%

Why would a 1995 Mazda 626 not restart that you can start easily each morning but once you shut off the car you can't restart it for 3-8 hours The hotter it is outside the longer it takes to restart?

When you try to restart it, does it turn over but not start? If you press the gas pedal to the floor and try to start it, what happens? Does it act like it's flooded? I've seen bad spark plugs/wires/cap/rotor cause this problem, but it could also be many other things.

How do you restart your computer?

click on start in the left bottom hand corner. then click on shut down, then it will give the option to turn off or restart.

What would cause a Chevrolet Celebrity to shut off when trying to start it?

It could be out of gas.

What could cause an electrical circuit to go dead and several hours later restart?

Electrical circuit do not go dead but theyreliably shut down. If there is a thermal protection circuit supervising the heat dissipated that would the circuit to shut down until it cools and start again and probably repeat the cycle.

What would cause a 1995 Buick to turn off while driving making you pull over all electrical system shut down and after several attempts to restart with no cranking sounds finally miraculously start?

the main brain box.

What would cause a 98 buick riviera to shut down and be able to restart if turning off ignition and retry?

It is located on the passenger side close to the firewall and it is down low

What is meant by warm boot?

That would be using the menu system to restart the computer. A shut down is a cool boot.

How do you restart a E 420 1997 is the year?

how 2 start my E420 ather i took to long to shut off the alarm

What would cause a 1995 Chrysler cirrus start and run and then just shut off like someone turned the key off?

the car alarm will allow the car to start and run briefly then "shut down".

Your 1993 5.0 mustang will start run for a minute and then shut off and will not restart what is wrong?

You probally ran to many miles on the meter.

How do you restart a computer?

On a PC, you press Ctrl + Alt + Del at the same time. or you can click the start button on the bottom left hand of you screen and choose restart from there, if you do not see restart button you should see a shut down button. If you click that the option to shutdown, restart and stand by should come up in which you can then restart you computer.

Do you have reinstall airbags in the 2010 dodge caravan after it has been wrecked in order for it to start?

No, the van will shut of when the sirbags are deplyed, but it should restart just fine. If it will not run then there is something else wrong.No, the van will shut of when the sirbags are deplyed, but it should restart just fine. If it will not run then there is something else wrong.

If you restart you computer when your downloading a torrent will the torrent stop downloading?

if you were to restart your computer while downloading or uploading a torrent it would stop temporarily while windows shut down but then resume after start-up. this will happen automatically as long as you have your torrent program set to start on windows start up (this is the default setting). otherwise file sharing will resume as soon as you run your torrent program.

What would cause a 2001 jeep wrangler's engine to shut off with no warning but it will start again when cooled?

you have a bad crank senser

How do you restart your whole computer?

It depends which version of Windows. In Windows XP: Click the Start menu/turn of computer/Restart In Windows 7/Vista: Click the start men icon. There's a little arrow beside the Shut down button. Click it to reveal the rest of the menu, and select Restart.

What could cause the battery light to come on when driving and make a truck shut down and not start if it is not the battery?

Very likely an alternator problem; if the alt is not working soon the battery would be drained and the truck would shut off.

What could cause a no voltage at the plug primary sidefeeding the coil I have replaced the starter relay Engine turns over Ignition switch was replaced last month shut off and would not restart?

What type of vehicle is this?

Would the relay on your grand prix 05 would cause it to shut down?

My ignition relay was damaged and it caused my starter to go out, which cause my car to shut down.

What could cause the brake and check engine light and chime to come on and the air conditioning to not blow when I start a 2002 Tahoe and then everything normal when I shut off and restart?

Finally took it to the dealer. Short in the ingintion switch - $300 repair

How do you restart your PC?

ClickStartShut Down ComputerPress "restart"

Why would your computer restart when you click shut down button?

Because the task manager is telling it to. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del and do the shut down from there. Next time you use the computer it should shut down normally.

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