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What would cause a fish-like smell to come from the shower unit even when it is switched off?

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2008-02-19 22:58:26

I have that problem too. The smell comes from mildew growing on

the sides of the drain pipe above the waterline in the trap. It's

rather dirty in there below the drain plug, and you never really

clean it. When you turn on the water, it disturbs the mildew and

releases bad smells. The water trap in the u-turn under the sink

keeps sewer smells out but this is before that. The solution is to

grab a bottle of bathroom mildew remover and spray it heavily

around the drain plug to saturate all sides of the drain pipe. Try

this once every few months to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

Don't forget the shower and bathtub drains aswell, and kitchen

disposal too if you have a problem there.

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