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Noises have to be heard to correectly diagnoise. It could be bearings, tires or a number of things.

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Q: What would cause a roaring noise on a 97 Grand Prix?
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What would cause a roaring noise on driver's side at speeds above 20 mph?

That is your bearings. You need to replace them.

What would cause a whistling noise in a 1994 Pontiac grand am?

A whistling noise indicates a vacuum leak.

What would make a truck have a roaring noise while driving it over 10mph and the noise increases as you go faster?

the wheel bearing on the vehicle will make a roaring noise when you accelerate the faster you go the louder it gets

Why would outside condenser be making an intermittent roaring noise?

The compressor may have a locked rotor in the condenser causing the loud roaring noise. Another possibility is low refrigerant.

What would cause aGroaning noise when turning at low speeds in a grand prix?

Check the level of the power steering fluid. A low level or no level of fluid will cause the groaning noise.

What would cause clunking noise in front wheels of a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited?

Bad Struts

What would cause a 2003 Chevy Malibu to make a constant roaring noise upon ignition and when accelerating?

Noises are impossible to correctly diagnoise unless heard. Take it to a garage.

What would make my 92 Honda accord have a roaring noise while driving?

Remove the muffler

What would cause a roaring noise at highways speeds in a 2005 Mitsubishi Endeavor It made the sound with old tires but you have purchased new ones and it still makes the noise?

It could be the rear differential--there was a recall on this back in 2005--hope this helps

What would make a loud roaring noise when your 2002 Buick Century accelerates?

Bad fan clutch!!

What would cause a whisting noise when idle but stop on acceleration in a 1994 Pontiac grand am?

possibly on of the belt pulleys or a vaccum leak

What would cause a grinding noise after a tire is replaced?

What would cause a grinding noise after a tire is replaced and the brakes are not worn?

What would cause a ticking noise coming from the area of the alternator on a 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.8 l?

the wheel has to get changed you ediot

Why would your car be making a loud roaring noise when driving?

If applicable, you may have a faulty (locked up) fan clutch.

Why would cause a 2006 Toyota Scion XB make a constant loud roaring noise when driving?

is it a stick shift? mine is a stick shift and it got alot quieter after i changed the transmission fluid... google it.

What would cause a constant knocking noise in a suzuki grand vitara?

I have found that the noise that you are hearing are due to a belt adjustment that your car needs to have done - that is if you have a 2006-2008. Mine is making that noise but the dealer that I got it from are having a hard time reading the tsb on it so that they can properly fix the noise.

What would cause a tapping noise while applying the brakes in a 2003 Grand Caravan?

Possibly warped brake rotor/worn brake pads. Get this checked out.

What would cause a LOUD roaring noise when Ford ranger stops?

the clutch release could have broken , the brakes could have locked, the engine could have blown, the transmission could have broken. These are mostly things that have happened to our ranger. It depends what you mean by stops

What would cause juddering noise on car?

cold engine

Why would a Pontiac grand prix have a humming noise on acceleration?

newdiv vacuum leak, cat. converter comming apart, exhaust noise

What would cause your inside air condition unit to make a roaring sound?

Can you be more specific with the sound description?

What would cause a roaring sound when the ac is on in a 1999 Ford Explorer?

Could be clutch cooling fan engaging

What would cause grand prix front tire noise when turning?

The noise/squeeling is due to understeer caused by the back wheels pushing too hard oer the front wheels, this can also be attributed to suspention set-up and wing set-up

What would cause a vibration noise in air return duct?


What would cause a knocking noise when you turn your wheel?

Power Steering?