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Check for a vacuum leak around the throtle body and intake manifold.

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Q: What would cause a squealing sound if it is not the brakes or belts when engine is running on idle condition?
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Why are the Belts squelling when engine is running?

The belts are squealing because they are either loose or worn out.The belts are squealing because they are either loose or worn out.

What causes a 2005 pt cruiser to squeal How do you fix it?

That depends on how, when and where it is squealing. For example, if the brakes squeal when applied, the brake pads are probably worn down. A squeal from the engine compartment whenever the engine is running could be a loose serpentine belt (especially if the squeal changes a little when you rev the engine).

What could a squealing sound in a BMW 750 be if it happens when the car is moving and even when engine in not running?

Cooling fan bearing?

Do you need the engine running to bleed brakes on a 1990 ford ranger 4.0?


Do diesel engine produce vacuum when running?

no a diesel does not produce vaacuum when running. but vehicles that require vacuum for the brakes have a vaccuum pump attached to the engine to supply the needed vaccuum

Mazda B2300 1997 the brakes do not work when the engine is running?

I would check the power brake booster

Which condition will turn on the engine stop engine warning light?

Engine coolant temp running 220 degree F

What might cause a squealing engine noise on a 1997 Buick Lesabre?

Check the belts. The most common cause of squealing is a worn or loose belt on the front of the engine.

What would cause a squealing noise while a car is running?

Though there are several possibilities, by far the most common reason for that is a loose or glazed belt in the engine compartment.

Why would on a 83 Dodge truck when the brakes are depressed with engine running they do not return when releasedwith engine not running brake pedal returns when released has new master cyl and boost?

Check the proportioning valve.

What is the squealing noise 04 tdi golf?

If its a high pitch squealing while accelerating, then the previous owner may have turbocharged, or supercharged the engine.

What would cause a squealing noise from front end of 1995 Camaro that is quieter when brakes are applied?

Start with the most likely andeasiest to fix. Check your brake pads... There is a wear indicator on the inside pads (closest to engine) that will rub on the rotor and make a squealing noise to warn you that the pads are getting thin. When you apply the brakes the noise will go away a lot of the time. If the pads are new or not making the noise then I do not know what the problem may be.

What kind of transmission fluid does a 2003 trailblazer use?

Allow the engine to idle for one minute, and press the brakes. Keep the engine running and absorb the temperature of the fluid.

Why does our 1997 k2500 have low brake pedal only when 350 motor is running?

Pedal pumps up fine, but when you run the engine, the brake booster applies more force to the lines. Thus compressing any air that may be in there. You will need to bleed the brakes more. I sometimes bleed the brakes with the engine running to correct this.

You have no brakes on your 96 Ford Ranger when it is running but when is not running it seems to be fine?

The issue here sounds like it's the master cylinder failing. It is not retaining pressure when the engine is running. The reason they feel fine when the engine is not running is because the failing master cylinder is not getting power, and in essence is being bypassed.

Can a motorbike light be run with no battery?

only if the engine is running and the alternator is in perfect working condition!

What would be causing a 1997 Saturn SC2 to make a grinding and squealing sound while the car is driving and the smell of buring plastic when the front brakes check out fine?

If it's constant while the engine is running, it might just be an idler pulley or the AC compressor.

What makes the squealing sound on a 1999 Chrysler Sebring lxi when the engine is running?

There is a good chance it's your drive belts. If it's worse when it's cold or when you start the car check your belts'

Your brakes does not want to work if you drive short distances with your 1996 sebring but after long distances it works good again what could it be?

If engine vacuum is low the brakes will be difficult to push. Sometimes, if the engine isn't running well when it's cold, the vacuum level will be low and the brakes won't work well. Have someone check that out for you.

Engine squealing but car will not move?

if its a manual sounds like the clutch no it is an automatic

Why does your vectra b 2.0 dti brake pedal feel spongy when engine is running but fine when engine is turned off?

you must have air in the system try bleeding all the brakes

How do you shut lights off while engine running on a 2001 Pontiac Montana?

If you want to turn off the running lights off try to engage the emergency brakes. I have a 2000 Montana and that works.

Engine squealing after warming up?

sounds like you need to replace the serpentine belt

Replaced all brake parts on 94 ford tempo power bled but still no brakes when engine is running?

Did you replace the master. It might be by passing.

What would cause a squealing sound from the engine of a 2000 3.8L Ford Mustang that is running?

Belt loose or worn out. Also possible a bad water pump, or bearing failure in the alternator or serpentine belt idler.