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May be a fuel related problem. Have you changed your fuel filter. if so what about noise from the fuel pump. does it hum loud? I had the same problem some time ago. It drove me, and my trusted mechanic friend, NUTS! We relaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, coil, computer, various map sensors, etc. I am presuming you have a carbuerated car. There is a throttle mixture sensor mounted on the top of the carb. (It has a wiring connector mounted to it. If I remember correctly the connector is blue in color.) A replacement throttle mixture sensor costs @ $175!, but it will solve your problem.

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โˆ™ 2006-10-10 16:51:36
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Q: What would cause an 86 Celebrity to cut off while driving?
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There are several things that can cause your 1990 Volvo 740 to stall while driving. The most common cause is a bad fuel pump.

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