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There's a switch that the brake pedal engages when pressed that makes the brake lights go on. this switch may be stuck.Or the peddle staying on switch

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Q: What would cause brake and tail lights to remain on after the engine is turned off?
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Why do the brake lights dim on a Hyundai Accent when the headlamps are turned on?

Check the ground wire to the brake lights.

What causes the brake lights remain on?

Bad brake switch. Typically located at the top of the brake pedal.

How do you turn off the light on a 2000 Chevy Impala?

What light? Headlights / Parking lights can only be turned off while in park. turn the engine off, set the parking brake. Start the engine..... as soon as you remove the parking brake the lights will come back on

When you turn off the engine of a 1994 Cutlass Ciera why would the tail-lights remain on?

Check the brake light switch, it's under the dashboard, connected to the brake pedal.

Brake lights stay turned on even when lights are off on 1996 Hyundai accent?

yes, they do

How do I unstick brake lights and back lights and third rear light on my 1993 Subaru impreza The lights continue to stay on after car is parked and engine of turned off?

There is a switch on top of the steering column dead center. You must have accidently turned it on. It's a parking light.

Why would the tail lights stay on even when the car is turned off on your 1991 Honda accord?

Assuming you have the lights turned off, you are seeing the brake lights. They are more than likely on because the brake light switch is defective or out of adjustment.

Why do your brake lights remain on when you have the lights on but work just fine when they are off?

This usually means a bad or wrong bulb in the tail lights

Why do the rear brake lights remain on the 92 Honda LX?

Brake light switch needs adjusting or replacement.

What causes brake lights of 1994 Toyota Corolla to remain on?

Defective or mis-adjusted brake light switch

Brake lights do not work when tail lights are on?

On a toyota tacoma 2003 SR5 when the tail lights are turned on the brake lights come on and when the tail lights are of the brake lights work just fine what could be the problem. If the truck has a trailer plug, inspect the plug and plug wiring for damage and corrosion.

Why the rear lights of your car are on with the car off?

The rear lights of your car will still on even if your car was off because the switch was turned on and it will still remain on until the battery's out. Another possibility, if the headlight switch is off and the ignition switch is off, the brake light switch may be out of adjustment or broken and what you're seeing is the brake lights on.

How do you turn off day time running lights in 97 Chevy lumina?

You don't unless you are parked with the engine running. If you are parked and you want the engine running but don't want the daytime running lights on just shut the car off and set the parking brake then start the car back up. The lights should remain off until you release the parking brake.

What make the brake lights stop working when the ignition is turned on?

Bulbs blown/Brake lamp switch inoperative

Why do the brake lights stay on after the car is turned off?

Answerwire shortage!Brake light switch is broken or out of adjustment.

On a 91 Camry should the brake lights come on as tail lights when you turn on lights or remain out until brakes are applied even if lights are turned on?

In the back should be tail lights which always come on when the headlights or parking lights are on, and stoplights which come on whenever the brakes are pressed. The stoplights should be brighter than the tail lights, but they should be separate.

How can you repair a 95 VW Cabrio whose brake lights remain on even when the car is turned off?

The brake light switch needs adjustment. Located on the brake pedal swing arm. Adjust until the light comes on when the pedal is moved 1/4 inch.

Your brake light sw is working and your brake lights still remain on for your 1992 Mazda Protege?

Switch is defective or out of adjustment.

Should brake lights work when engine is off?


Why wouldn't you have brake and tail lights when head lights are turned on 1997 GMC?

Check bulbs Check fuse for parking/tailights Check brake light fuse

Why do brakelights go off on when the head lights are switched on?

Brake lights should NOT be effected by the headlights. Brake light function is completely independent of the headlights. Assuming you are not refering to the tail lights, or marker lights, which are supposed to come when the head lights are turned on. Not having brake lights when the head lights are on is a big safety problem and should be corrected.

How do you shut off daylights on a 1999 Chevy blazer?

by design the DAY-TIME-RUNNING lights are not intended to be turned off by choice. When you start the 99 blazer with the parking brake on, the DTR lights are off. When you release the parking brake they come on. When you park again and apply the parking brake the DTR lights will stay on, unless you stop the engine and re-start the engine. Since the DTR lights are inter-wired to the regular headlights, they can not be defeated without affecting the regular headlights.

Why would breaktail lights remain on after the car is turned off the fuse has been replaced but the problem persists is this an electrial issue and how much would it cost to be fixed?

If brake lights remain on - check the operation and adjustment of the stoplight switch usually located at the upper end of the brake pedal My lights remained on all day, draining my battery. I found a shim on the upper brake pedal linkage between the linkage and the light switch. The shim had rotted out -- if you're lucky, there is a spare in the hole next to it. If not, locate a new one.

Why wont the brake lights work on my Mitsubishi montero when the i turn on the headlights?

Break lights come on when you step on the break, they do not come on when the head lights are turned on.

Why does the brake light stay on without using the brake pedal 07 Pontiac G6?

Brake Light Failure to Turn OffThe most common cause for brake lights to remain ON when the pedal is not depressed as that the brake light switch is not properly adjusted.IF the brake light switch is definitely good [working properly] then the most likely cause for the brake lights to remain turned on is that the position of the switch [the distance of the plunger tip from the brake pedal arm] is not adjusted properly.Most mechanical type switches are adjusted by screwing the switch [which has a threaded mounting to a hole in the mounting bracket] either toward or away from the brake pedal arm [which depresses the switch plunger to turn off the brake lights].It is immeasurably helpful to have an assistant stand behind the vehicle to observe and report the changes [on-off, etc.] as you make adjustments of the switch position. You should continue to make changes in the adjustment until the brake lights stay OFF when the brake pedal is not depressed, and the brake lights come on when the pedal is depressed.