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What would cause clicking or lifter noise in a 98 Ford Explorer?

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2005-05-11 00:47:47

Incorrect weight oil. Cheap or defective filter. Change the oil

and use a Motorcraft or Purolator filter and the correct weight as

described in your owner's manual. If this does not help, then

purchase a can of Seafoam Motor Treatment. Pour it into the

crankcase per the instructions on the container. If you have

clogged or partially stuck lifters, this will clean them. This is

an excellent product sold at Advance and many other auto parts

stores. Read about it at I have seen 20W50 oil

make the lifters go nuts; I use 10W30. The 2.3 rangers have a

problem with high mileage lifter noise because the oil pickups clog

from the oil pan gasket coming apart. My Ranger did that and I

thought the engine was damaged, I changed the oil pickup, the noise

went away and the oil pressure was a lot better, and I had no

damage to the bearings.

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