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Incorrect weight oil. Cheap or defective filter. Change the oil and use a Motorcraft or Purolator filter and the correct weight as described in your owner's manual. If this does not help, then purchase a can of Seafoam Motor Treatment. Pour it into the crankcase per the instructions on the container. If you have clogged or partially stuck lifters, this will clean them. This is an excellent product sold at Advance and many other auto parts stores. Read about it at I have seen 20W50 oil make the lifters go nuts; I use 10W30. The 2.3 rangers have a problem with high mileage lifter noise because the oil pickups clog from the oil pan gasket coming apart. My Ranger did that and I thought the engine was damaged, I changed the oil pickup, the noise went away and the oil pressure was a lot better, and I had no damage to the bearings.

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Q: What would cause clicking or lifter noise in a 98 Ford Explorer?
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What is ticking noise in 2005 explorer?

could be a lifter sticking

Why does your Ford Explorer make a clicking noise?

it makes that clicking noise because you touch yourself at night

What causes clicking from engine?

If clicking while trying to start then might be a bad starter. If clicking while running, then might be valve/lifter noise.

What would cause clicking noise from tires on a 1993 explorer?

probably just getting rocks caught in the tread.

What does a clicking sound from the engine of the Toyota Camry mean?

That is lifter noise, they probably need adjusting

What makes a clicking noise in the engine of a 91 ranger?

A clicking noise in the engine of a 91 Ranger could indicate a problem with the valves. A valve lifter in the engine may be worn or stuck.

What may cause a clicking noise from the engine of a 1995 Pontiac Firebird or even shut down while driving?

If there is a clicking noise get it to a mechanic you engine is blown and may be saved. Most likely you'll need a new one because a lifter is broken and it would be cheaper.

What could cause a loud tapping noise in a escort engine?

Stuck hydraulic lifter.

Saturn vue lifter noise?

Saturn vue V6 lifter noise when first started

Why is your BCM making a clicking noise?

A bad resistor can cause your BCM to make a clicking sound. The clicking noise can be caused by the relays and replacing the BCM will fix the problem.

Clicking noise when accelerating?

A clicking noise, when accelerating, can be caused by a worn CV joint. The CV joint can cause the axle to collapse when it breaks.

Why does a 1997 ford explorer make a clicking noise when opening the oil cap?

If you have a 4.0 SOHC engine you are hearing the timing chain rattle against the timing chain guides. Some slight noise is normal, but an excessive amount may mean you have timing chain guide and/or tensioner problems. If you have a 4.0 OHV engine, then you are probably hearing some lifter noise. Again, some may be normal, but excessive may be an indication of lifter troubles.

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