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Make sure you have the proper viscosity of oil. 5W30 is what the specs are for a 4.6L engine.

AnswerYou have a serious problem here. Don't continue to drive this truck in this condition. Severe damage is being done in these 2 minutes. Your oil pump may be failing, or you may have a bad filter. Change filters to a Motorcraft filter immediately. If this does not cure the problem, have this looked at by an expert. AnswerI echo the previous, serious engine damage is likely to follow, would also suggest a stuck oil pressure sending unit. (Easy screw in replacement) try that first, but if it's still acting up, TOW IT IN.
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Q: What would cause no oil pressure for about 2 minutes on a 2001 Ford 150 in cold weather until engine is starting to warm up?
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What does it mean check engine gage light indicates oil pressure is low when starting 2001 ford explorer sport in cold weather?

It means that the oil pressure switch is showing low pressure.

Why engine is idle for 2 minutes after starting and before switching off the engine?

A good practice is to let your engine idle for a few minutes after starting so the oil pressure can build and lube all the internal parts of the engine. A vehicle with turbo should be idled before shutting off to let the turbo cool down.

Oil pressure gauge reads zero after starting the engine then in a couple of minutes goes up a little then jumps to normal and stays there?

Oil pressure has to built up. As long as the pressure is normal and the oil level is good. There is no problem.

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Oil pressure depends on the engine--my Cummins ISX runs at 40psi, some Detroits run at 50 and so on. If you're coming from empty tanks, you should see the Low Air light go out within two to three minutes after startup, and you want to have 110psi or more when you drive.

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I have no number on panel when icon checks oil pressure . please guide me what is problem

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Does low oil keep Mazda6 from cranking?

No, it will not. Low oil & or pressure will not prevent the engine from starting.

How Long needed for a Marine Ventilation Blower Operations?

4 minutes before starting engine, and anytime your idling or driving at low speeds. It also says you should not run blower during refueling, but for 4 minutes after your done "before starting engine". This prevents blower from drawing gas fumes into the engine compartment.

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How long will an engine run with no oil pressure?

Depends on the engine but severe engine damage will start to occur almost immediately. It will run a few minutes until it starts to overheat then the engine will seize. It will not take long to destroy the engine.

What does the oil pressure switch do?

After starting the engine, the oil pressure rises. The switch changes from either open or closed at a predetermined oil pressure, switching off the warning light. If oil pressure drops during operation, this light should come on, warning you of this dangerous situation for the engine (and your wallet).

Can too much oil in a pressure washer keep it from starting?

Yes, that is possible. Never overfill any engine.

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How many minutes should a blower be operating before starting an engine

Will a blown head gasket prevent a car from starting?

A blown head gasket can prevent an engine from starting. A blown head gasket may not provide the pressure needed to get the engine started, and will also allow oil to leak out uncontrollably.

I have spark and fuel so why won't my 305 start?

the pressure in the engine will stop it from starting (oh 305's are shite)

How much pressure on fuel pump on BMW 323 2000 model?

If it helps the fuel pressure at the fuel rail should be 3.3-3.7 bar with the engine idling. The holding pressure after 20-30 minutes should be, system pressure - 0.5 bar.

Powered ventilation systems should be turned on for how many minutes before starting the engine to ensure all gasoline vapors have been removed before ignition?

4 (four) minutes