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I have a 1995 1.9 escort and have the same problem. If the car runs better when it is HOT you may want to roll-the-dice and replace the coolant temperature sensor for $15. TWO mechanics have mentioned this. It is easy to replace and might be the problem. You may also want to research the simple process of removing the big plastic air tube and clean the throttle plate area with a toothbrush and some gum out spray. The Idle Air control valve is above the throttle plate and is easly removed and cleaned........2 screws hold it in place.

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Q: What would cause rough idle and stalling on startup on a 1993 1.9L Mercury Tracer?
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1997 mercury tracer why shift gear does not move when press the brake?

Check the shift unlock solenoid. The solenoid is known to go bad and cause this issue in a tracer.

What would cause smoking wires in the steering column in a 1993 mercury tracer?

Overload or short to ground

What would cause your tail lights and dash light fuse to keep blowing on a 1991 mercury tracer?

you could have a short between the two.

Does a 1995 Mercury Tracer have zero valve clearance Will a broken timing belt or jumped timing cause damage?

According to the Gates website ( they make timing belts etcetera ) the 1.8 and the 1.9 liter four cylinder engines used in a 1995 Mercury Tracer are ( NON - INTERFERENCE engines )

What could be the cause of the heat and radio not working in a '99 Mercury Tracer?

You could try recharging the battery, or having the connections checked by a mechanic.

Why would a 1993 Buick Century V6 3300 stall on startup?

Hey Danny!!1 TAke it to the garage before you put yourself in the poor house by guessing as the battery nor alternator can cause stalling when starting.

Stalling 96 Pontiac sunfire fuel pump oil pressure switch?

A bad fuel pump can cause stalling. The oil pressure will show low oil on the lights or gauges but if the pressure is ok then the switch should not cause stalling.

What is a startup folder?

a startup folder is a folder in the system configuration utility that has programs in it that loads or runs whenever you startup your computer could p.s ... could cause slower startup if to much is in it

Why is your 2004 ram stalling out?

A 2004 Dodge Ram will begin stalling out when it is not receiving enough fuel or air. A weak spark or defective spark plugs will also cause stalling.

Stalling problems with check engine light on?

You need to have the codes read. You can then diagnose the codes. The code will probably point to the cause of the stalling.

Will a bad distributor cause stalling problems in a 1995 Maxima?

A bad distributor will cause stalling in all cars, not just maximas But there alot of other things that can cause stalling to dirty fuel filter - electrical short - dirty injectors - etc. Have a mechanic put it on a diagnostic machine before you invest in a distributor.

Can too much oil cause stalling?

yes! Too much oil can cause the spark plugs to foul(ie;oil fouled)a black oily electroid prouducing a weak spark. Which in turn could cause stalling.

What would cause the cruise control to stop working on a 1997 Mercury Tracer not a fuse is there a sensor?

You could check the switch on the brake pedal, sometimes they need to be adjusted so the cruise will stay on.

Would a bad egr cause stalling?

It could.It could.

Is there an electrical problem in a 2000 mercury cougar that would cause it to shut down while driving?

if it was electical u would notice gauges fluctuating. cougars have problems with the fuel filters getting clogged which would cause hesitation and in extreme cases stalling

What would cause significant white exhaust and running rougher only when it is cold outside on a 1999 Mercury Tracer?

white exhaust and rough running usually indicate possible blown head gasket.

What burn will cause an entry and exit wound?

The burn from a tracer round.

Can a fuel filter cause Problems with stalling?

Yes, if it's clogged up.

Can a faulty ignition coil cause sporadic stalling while driving?


What would be the cause of non-functioning tail lights and reverse lights on the trunk and not the body of a 96 Mercury Tracer?

ck bulbs first then ground circuit and power on trunk lights.Ground most likely

Would a dirty air filter cause stalling?

It can if its dirty enough. Spend ten bucks and replace it to see if your stalling goes away. Replaced mine today and its purrin.

What would be the cause of stalling in a 1993 Chevy berretta?

Try your tcc solenoid on the transmission

What causes a car to feel like it is stalling for just a fraction of a second?

Generally speaking, a stoppage of gasoline to one of its engine cylinders will cause a car to seem like it's stalling.

Will a faulty fuel rail pressure sensor regulater cause stalling?

A fuel rail pressure regulator could cause trouble.

Can installing aftermarket exhaust cause stalling?

It shouldn't unless you messed up the 02 sensors.