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Had problem with 86 Lincoln not shifting properly when cold. I assumed it was because the fluid was thicker and would be more affected by a clogged filter. I had the transmission flushed and the filter cleaned and it worked perfectly from then on.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 17:54:59
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Q: What would cause the automatic transmission not to shift until engine is fully warm?
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What was the first car to have an automatic transmission?

Oldsmobile came out with a fully automatic transmission in the 1940 model year.

First automatic transmission car?

The first fully automatic transmission was the Hydro-matic, offered in the 1940 Oldsmobile. There were semi-automatics (GM's Automatic Safety Transmission and Chrysler's Fluid Drive) available in 1937.

Did Volkswagen make a fully automatic transmission for the old style bugs?

No. They did make a manually shifted "Semi Automatic transmission". No clutch, just shifted manually.

When the first automatic car was made?

The first fully automatic transmission (the Hydramatic) came out in the 1940 model year by Oldsmobile.

What were some inventions in the 40's?

The fully automatic transmission for cars in the US.

Where can you find a list of classic cars with automatic transmissions?

The first fully automatic car available in the US was the 1940 Oldsmobile. From aprox 1950 many cars were available with your choice of an automatic transmission or standard transmission.

Does automatic cars suitable on traffic roads?

If you mean Automatic Transmission cars the answer is yes. There are no fully automatic cars for sale in the U.S. so the question is a mute issue.

Why won't my 18 speed eaton fuller automatic transmission shift?

Is yours an autoshift, or a fully automatic transmission? With the autoshifts, the synchroniser has a bad tendency to go out because of improper clutch manipulation. This shouldn't be an issue with a fully automatic transmission, however, and if that's what yours is, the first two culprits would be faulty circuitry in the transmission computer, or poor coordination between the computer in the transmission and the engine computer (this was a recurring problem for Allision automatics coupled to Detroit Diesel motors). There should be a way of reading off fault codes from the transmission, but that's going to probably require you to go to a mechanic with the necessary computer software to do such.

Can you turn a automatic transmission into a manual one?

A fully manual valve body in an automatic will need to be shifted manually ( no clutch ) May not be available for your application .

Who invented the automatic gear shift?

The first fully automatic transmission was developed by GM and first found in Oldsmobile in 1939, It was called the Hydra-matic

What does hydromatic in a car mean?

Hydromatic means nothing car related but, Hydramatic is a GM automatic transmission. The Hydramatic was the first fully automatic mass-produced transmission developed for passenger automobile use.

What is the cause of my transmission not engaging fully when in drive?

A transmission that is not engaging fully when in drive might need a new shift solenoid. There is also a chance that a band is stretched or broken inside the transmission.

Is a 110cc pocket bike automatic?

Not usually. If they say automatic, they probably mean semiautomatic. This means it is partly automatic, but not fully. This basically means it has and automatic clutch and the shifting pattern is usually neutral is down and 3 or 4 up. If it is automatic it might have a CVT auto transmission, which are fully automatic, but most of the pocket bikes do not seem to use them.

What is the different between a auto shift and a automatic freightliner truck transmission?

The transmissions aren't made by Freightliner, and this answer applies to all commercial truck manufacturers. A fully automatic transmission is clutch free. An autoshift basically adds a synchroniser gear and computer operated shift mechanism to a manual transmission, and still uses a clutch. With an autoshift, poor clutch manipulation often causes the synchroniser gear to go out, making the transmission unable to shift. On a fully automatic transmission, that problem does not exist.

When did automatic gear shift in cars become standard use?

In the US, the first fully automatic transmission in a car was produced by Oldsmobile in the 1940 model year.

Is there an fully automatic Glock pistol?

Yes, the Glock 18 is fully automatic.

How do you do a complete automatic transmission fluid change on a 2002 buick century?

Bring to a shop that has the equiment to fully pump out the transmission and torque converter and re-fill system

How much transmission fluid does an automatic 2000 Hyundai Tiburon need?

If it's fully dry, it needs six quarts.

What is the difference between a automatic transmission car and a semi-automatic transmission car?

A fully automatic car doesn't need any action at all to change gear, a semi automatic car can have no clutch pedal, just a gear stick which you pull backwards to gear up or pedals behind the steering wheel.

How do you check the transmission fluid on a 350 small block engine?

350 Engines dont have transmission fluid. The Transmission does. Start the engine, leave the trans in Park, pull the dipstick and look at it. fill to full mark when the engine is fully warned up

Does the automatic transmission on a 2000 Focus have a converter plug that can be opened to fully drain the transmission?

NO.. it does not have a plug. only the Ford f250 and up do. NO.. it does not have a plug. only the Ford f250 and up do.

How do you remove a transmission from a locked up engine?

very care fully or u will brake the flywheel

What is a turbo 350?

"Turbo 350" is a slang expression for General Motor's Turbohydramatic 350 automatic transmission. It is a 3-speed fully automatic transmission originally intended for use with engines that produced up to approximately 350 pound-feet of torque.

Make semi automatic gun fully automatic?

only a class 2 firearms dealer can do this legally mechanical or parts malfunction can cause this to happen

What year did the car companies started using automatic transmissions And what makes and models in what year?

The first fully automatic transmission was introduced by Oldsmobile in their 1939 model year. It was called the Hydra-matic.