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motor mount? I suspect you have a broken motor mount.

An ignition miss would occure at those times. Especially at 50-55 mph, I would suspect secondary ignition components... Plugs, wires, etc...

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โˆ™ 2007-10-10 18:40:44
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Q: What would cause the engine to rock while idling and when it gets to between 55 and 65 MPH?
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What can cause shaky steering wheel and front end while idling?

Engine miss.

What would cause your 1994 351 engine to increase or decrease rpms intermittently while idling and driving?

air leek

What can be the cause while driving and when the car comes to a stop the engine revs for a few seconds and goes back to normal idling mode its a Opel Corsa classic 1400.?

It is the idling sensor on top of the intake

Would a bad fuel filter cause your engine to stall while driving or idling?

Yupp Clogged fuel filter. Hole in the gas line.

Why does my Toyota truck with 22re engine surge while idling?

Is the AC turned on?

What causes my jeep to stall while idling?

There are several things that can cause your Jeep to stall while idling. The timing may be off or your fuel filter may be clogged.

Can too much oil cause the car to sputter while idling?

Possibly. The main thing it can cause is severe engine wear. Too much oil is just as bad as too little.

What does it mean when the temperature gauge rises while idling then the fan comes on?

Engine temperature rising when the engine is idling is normal. The car is sitting still and no air is entering the engine compartment. This will cause the engine temperature to rise. The cooling fans then come on and the engine returns to a normal temperature. Unless the cooling fans do not bring the temperature down, you have no problems and this is totally normal.

Why does your 1988 Chevrolet Camaro die when you give it gas while idling?

you are flooding the engine

Why is engine revving so high on a silverado?

An engine revving to high RPMs could be a symptom of many conditions. The potential cause?æalso depends on whether this happens?æwhile idling or while driving.

Why does Mercedes-Benz 2004 e320 stall while idling at traffic light or waiting on line?

The most likely cause is a faulty engine crankshaft position sensor.

Will a catalytic converter cause car to shut off while idling?

No, very doubtful.

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