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What would cause the fuel injector in a throttle body injection to open fully and flood out the engine at idle on a 1989 Chevy Cavalier 20 liter?


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2005-02-09 01:47:23
2005-02-09 01:47:23

get a new ECU (computer). If you want to know for sure before buying one, go to a salvage yard, and talk them into letting you unplug yours and plug in theirs for a quick check that the engine now runs. That will not be simple, but is possible. i would trust a salvage computer from a wreck, but not from a 'dead' car with an intact body


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no its a throttle body injected engine smokingallowed say's...Fenner82 is on the right track but not completely correct. His "TBI" engine has 1 fuel injector "squirting fuel strait down into the throttle body", and your Z24 has a multi-port injection system(1 fuel injector for each cylinder) which "squirts" fuel into the intake at the engine head.

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The 95 models did not have the spider on them. It was a TBI / Throttle body injection system. If your engine is a vortec, Then no it can't be cleaned.

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Assuming you have throttle body injection, you may have a faulty/dirty injector. Give us more info such as the year, make, model and engine to help us help you.

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Assuming that S10 has a 4.3 L engine with TBI (Throttle Body Injection), the fuel injectors (two of them) are located in the throttle body.

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With a fuel port injection OR throttle body injection engine, the engine develops a partial vacuum between the throttle assembly and the intake valves. Note that there is never a true vacuum in ANY engine, and when the throttle is wide open, there is very little vacuum.

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