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get a new ECU (computer). If you want to know for sure before buying one, go to a salvage yard, and talk them into letting you unplug yours and plug in theirs for a quick check that the engine now runs. That will not be simple, but is possible. i would trust a salvage computer from a wreck, but not from a 'dead' car with an intact body

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Q: What would cause the fuel injector in a throttle body injection to open fully and flood out the engine at idle on a 1989 Chevy Cavalier 20 liter?
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Does a z24 Chevy Cavalier have a carburetor?

no its a throttle body injected engine smokingallowed say's...Fenner82 is on the right track but not completely correct. His "TBI" engine has 1 fuel injector "squirting fuel strait down into the throttle body", and your Z24 has a multi-port injection system(1 fuel injector for each cylinder) which "squirts" fuel into the intake at the engine head.

Can injector spider on 1995 blazer be cleaned?

The 95 models did not have the spider on them. It was a TBI / Throttle body injection system. If your engine is a vortec, Then no it can't be cleaned.

Where is the fuel injector in your 1989 Chevy blazer S-10?

Assuming that S10 has a 4.3 L engine with TBI (Throttle Body Injection), the fuel injectors (two of them) are located in the throttle body.

Why does fuel leak into throttle body?

Assuming you have throttle body injection, you may have a faulty/dirty injector. Give us more info such as the year, make, model and engine to help us help you.

Where is the vacuum in port injection?

With a fuel port injection OR throttle body injection engine, the engine develops a partial vacuum between the throttle assembly and the intake valves. Note that there is never a true vacuum in ANY engine, and when the throttle is wide open, there is very little vacuum.

Is the throttle body connected to the fuel injector pulses?

A fuel injector pulse is the product of an electrical charge controlled by the ecm to briefly open an injector. If the engine is throttle body injected, you would find the injectors in the throttle body.

Where is the fuel injector on a Chevy Cavalier?

if it is a 4 cylinder cavalier there are 4 injectors and they are right on top of the engine kind of behind the valve cover and under the throttle body. some have a rail, others just have a retainer. there will be an electrical connector on each injector and you can usually get to them after taking off the intake hose.

What is the difference between multiport fuel injection and central port fuel injection?

"Central point" is basically like the old GM "Throttle Body Injection" system, where there is only one injector in the throttle body itself. Multi-port fuel injection has an injector for each cylinder, commonly in the intake manifold just before the intake valve for the cylinder. Some newer cars and trucks are now coming out with "Direct injection," in which the fuel is injected directly into the cylinder, similar to a diesel engine.

What are Diesel engine caused of injection lag?

Due to the mechanical response of the injector

Where is the throttle position sensor on a 1995 dodge ram 2500?

Gas engine, on the throttle body. Diesel engine, on the injection pump.

What would cause the fuel injector in a throttle body injection to open fully and flood out the engine on a 1989 dodge pickup?

bad injecter, o-rings are bad, need to either rebuild or replace

What happen when you pour fuel injector cleaner directly into a throttle body injection?

You completely waste the injector cleaner. It has to flow through the ports which supply fuel to the engine to do its job. That's why the directions tell you to put it into the gas tank in a certain ratio to gas. It mixes with the fuel in the tank, flows through the system and out of the injector ports.

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