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This is most likely caused by the Inertia Fuel Cut Off switch. This eliminates power to the fuel pump in case of an accident. This is often located either under the driver side kick panel by the fuses or in the rear of the vehicle in the side compartments by the jack.

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2004 Isuzu Rodeo 3.5 v6 reduce power light?

2004 3.5 Isuzu rodeo 2wd reduce power light

What would cause when running Isuzu Hg engine no power?

Your question makes no sense whatsoever. Please learn to formulate a cogent question.

What cause excessive black smoke and no power on Isuzu npr truck 2001?

most likely the turbo charger (check air filter for blockage.

Where was Dodge Power Wagon Isuzu Trooper?

No you are a dumba$$.

What would cause lack of power to the blower motor on a 1994 Isuzu Rodeo?

It is either the fuse or relay. also check the heater/ ac control switch.

What is the exact power steering fluid for a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo?

Most power steering fluid is the same, only different brand names. Call your local Isuzu dealer if you are not sure.

What would cause a 1998 Isuzu Rodeo to lose power when accelerating while going up hill?

There are several reasons that made cause an automobile to lose power going up a hill. The most common reason is a lack of fuel, caused by a plugged fuel filter.

What would cause your 1991 Isuzu trooper to lose power and then stall after it warms up then it won't start again until it cools down about 10 to 15 min?


What causes Isuzu trooper not to have power to ignition?

low or no oil pressure

How much horse power does a 2.6 L Isuzu engine have?

About 120hp.

What is the power drive button 2001 Isuzu rodeo?

Winter drive

What is the size and power output of the Isuzu 4jg2 engine?

84kw ; 112hp

What would cause a 1989 Isuzu Trooper II to lose power and then stall after it warms up and then not start again until it cools down about 10 to 15 min later?

blown head gasket

What kind of cams are in a Isuzu 1999 Isuzu trooper?

Most cars today used dual cam or more for power efficiency and lower gas emission for longer mileage.

How do you adjust valves on 1998 Isuzu nqr? see page 57 of the manual, basically you are putting the no 1 and no 4 cylinders at top dead center and inserting an .016 feeler gauge.

What kind of power steering fluid do you use in a 2000 Isuzu npr?

standard dextron atf

How much horse power does a flowmaster exhaust add on a 4cylinder car?

none it reduces back pressure and most likely slows it down. but it will be loud and the stupid noise will make you think it is faster.

Burning black smoke and running rich?

isuzu trooper e.f.i 1991 black smoke and running but no power

Why is the fight in amigo brothers by piri thomas so important to Felix and antonio?

Because Each Of Them Will Fight Each Other With All Of Their Power

How do you remove power steering pump from a 1995 Isuzu trooper?

Loosen the tensioner pulley. Remove the power steering belt. Remove the power steering hose. Remove the power steering retaining bolts. The power steering pump will come off.

What wars were cause by power?

WWII was coused by power

What would cause 150cc scooter to lose power?

what would cause a 150cc scooter to lose power?

Where is the tailgate fuse for an Isuzu NPR truck?

Your nearest local commerical Isuzu dealership can provide that information for you. I found wiring diagrams in the Isuzu Body Builder page at To find this, I googled Isuzu Truck, went to and then followed body builder link. The body build diagrams are not complete, but the do indicate the gosh darn "Hidden Fuse Box" that controls the reverse lights and the power window. See also I found a 2002 electrical manual, try googling for LGCEL-WE-9981LH.pdf

Where is the thermostat located on a 1995 Isuzu Trooper?

located below power pack at front of motor hose from bottom of radiator connected to it

What does it mean when the steering wheel becomes hard to turn on a 1999 Isuzu rodeo?

sounds like a bad power stearing pump