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either your heater core is shot or the temperature switch in dash needs replacing I had a 1986 Nissian Pickup that had the same problem when I purchased it back in 1988 in Phoenix, AZ.
I figured this out driving thru the Rocky Mountians on my way to Ft. Knox, KY. The heater had been running for about an hour and I was still cold (good for staying awake). I looked under the hood and found the problem.
I hooked it up again and started to drive again and in a couple minutes, I could smell Antifreeze.
The old owner had by-passed the heater core because it had a leak. Someone may have done the same thing to your Ford. Hope this helps. Good Luck and Remember.
Change Your Mind, Not Your Oil.

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Common heater problems 1997 ford F150?

There are several common heater problems for a 1997 f150. A stopped up or leaking heater core, bad thermostat or clogged up blower fan housing all can cause heat problems.

Why would the heater in a Ford F150 stay on hot no matter what?

The variable resistor has probably gone bad

Where is the blend door actuator on your 1997 F150?

How do I locate the heater blend door actuator in a Ford f150 pickup

You are hearing a whistling noise on your 1999 Ford F150 What would cause this?

The head gasket is about to blow.....Typical ford..

1998 ford f150 neither hose going to heater core is hot?

heater core hoses not hot

How do you unclog a heater core for a 1990 Ford F150?

Try flushing the coolant system out

How to remove heater core on F150 Ford Pick up?

what is the year model? 1995

How do you fix a Ford F150 heater that doesn't work?

Take it 2 a mechanic. :D

What would cause a 1994 ford f150 truck not to start?

There are a couple of a reasons why a 1994 Ford F150 truck will not start. The truck may have a dead battery or the spark plugs need to be replaced.

What would cause the headlights to stop working on a Ford F150?

The headlights in the Ford F150 may have stopped working due to a bad fuse or bulb. Check these and if it doesn't fix the problem visit a mechanic.

On a 1989 Ford F150 with a 302 where would a coolant leak be coming from when it appears behind the water pump?

It's the block heater. I had the same problem.

Hazard lights not working on 1994 Ford F150 how to fix?

A blown fuse would cause the hazard lights not to work on the 1994 Ford F150. It could also be blown bulbs causing the lights not to work.

If Heater blows cold air 1999 ford f150?

The most common cause of this failure is a broken blend door. Check for diagnostic information and an inexpensive fix.

Would a bad fuel filter on a Ford F150 cause it to not start on both fuel tanks?

That would be a bad fuel pump in that tank

Where can you find a free diagram to install a 93 Ford F-150 heater hose?

Check out the Google Images and search for '93 Ford F150 heater hose'. you should find it there.

What would cause the failure of the power windows on both sides of a 2001 Ford F150 XLT?

switch, fuse, wiring, connector...

What would cause fluid to leak on a 2000 ford F150 when the temperature drops below 40 degrees?

for the pipe to freeze and crack

What would cause a P0102 diagnostic reading on a 2003 ford f150 when you have already replaced the MAF Sensor?

Check all your grounds

Where is heater control valve located on 1992 ford F150?

Inline in one heater hose underhood near the HVAC box (right hand side underhood.)

What would cause fluid to leak on the rear passenger tire of a 2002 Ford F150?

I have to believe that it would be a bad wheel cylinder that controls the back brakes.

Where can you find a heater replacement for a 1979 ford F150?

Dealer? Salvage Yard? e-bay? Craig's list? Hemmings?

Why is the odor of antifreeze coming through the ac and heating system in a 2002 ford F150?

You probably have a leaking heater core.

How do you replace a heater flap on a 1999 ford F150?

The heater flap, or blend door, is difficult to replace with OEM parts supplied from Ford. There is an aftermarket kit that makes the job and cost significantly easier at or on the Ebay listing.

What would cause the heater and wipers to stop working on a 95 ford escort?

Most likely it would be a blown fuse in the fuse block.

Where is the dual tank fuel switch on a 86 ford f150?

it is on the dash board by the heater and ac. it says front fuel rear.

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