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What would cause the horn and cruise control not to work on a 1998 Ford Windstar?


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2009-10-09 17:51:59
2009-10-09 17:51:59

MY first guess would b a ground problem-when U push the horn pad ,U are appling a ground-& there is a small ground clip on the steering coupler.IF te fuses are good. the air bag clock spring in the stearing coloum is open I had the same problem. check cruise control disconnect switch for power located on brake master cylinder. mine was burnt along with connecting wiring. new switch with wiring about $20. some model years have a recall currently. Most steering columns have a part known as a clock spring. This component has the electrical contacts which power the horn, cruise control and on some models... other electrical items. The part is generally between $50 and $100 from a dealer, but is difficult to replace due to the air bag and wheel having to be removed. I can't guarantee that's what is wrong, but it is the best guess... It seems the Windstar and Aerostars ar bad for this.


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