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Check for a loose Power Steering belt.

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Which one of the sensors cause the car to putt putt once the car has gotten hot on a 1995 Mazda Protege?

Which one of the sensors cause the car to putt putt once the car has gotten hot on a 1995 Mazda Protege?

Why does your 95 Mazda protege shut off on acceleration?

A 95 Mazda Protege will shut off during acceleration if the air and fuel mixture is drastically incorrect. A vacuum leak or fuel flow restrictions can both cause this problem.

What would cause a slight grinding noise in front left tire area in 2003 Mazda protege?

The break pad.

I can not find the fuse that control my headlights?

where is fuse for 97 Mazda protege ? and other fuses for headlights cause they don't come on help ?

Cost to replace a serpertine belt in a Mazda protege?

Cost for me was 120, but that is the high end. One thing to be sure of is to take it to a Mazda garage. Mazda protege's have been known to hate non-mazda belts and cause high pitched squealing after replacement.

Can a torque converter cause a car to shutt off in drive?

I have a Mazda protege 1996 that is parked because it will not go into drive but the engine starts?

Having problems in Accerlating uphill what can cause this you have a Mazda Protege 2000 DX 1.6L?

Hi Man Check the ignition coils. I just had to change mine. And the car working fine again Mazda Owner

What would cause a rattling noise when you press the gas pedal harder in Mazda Protege 2000?

an air leak in your intake will cause the engine to rattle. Protege's intake hoses are prone to cracking.

Your Mazda protege has a roaring sound in th front when you drive?

Check the wheel bearings and the front brakes for wear. These are the most common places that cause the roar.

Mazda protege car cuts off and is stuck in drive?

There are a couple of things that can cause your Mazda to cut off and be stuck into the drive gear. The most common causes are a broken shifting fork or a malfunctioning transmission fluid pump.

What could cause intermittent starting problems with a 1991 Mazda Protege?

A bad battery terminal(s) connection, bad ground, bad ignition switch, bad starter.

I have a 1998 Mazda Protege that shudders when you stop the car. It only happens once the car has stopped moving after I have driven it for a little while. Does anyone know what could cause this?

have your motor mount checked my protege did the same thing and it was the front motor mount have your motor mount checked my protege did the same thing and it was the front motor mount have your motor mount checked my protege did the same thing and it was the front motor mount

Does a 2003 Mazda Protege LX have an IAT Sensor?

what is your ?, a MAF is basicly a IAT The Mazda Protege and Protege 5 2.0L engine has an IAT Sensor located just past the factory air filter box. It is a two wire sensor that plugs into the intake tube via a rubber grommet. The three wire plug in the Mass Air Flow Sensor. DO NOT Unplug either of these sensors while the vehicle is running or key turned to accessory. Will cause a flag in the computer and turn on the Check Engine Light. Hope this helps.

What causes the battery light to be on with a new good battery in 1997 Mazda protege?

the common cause why the light is on is that your alternator is not working well,try to have your alternator checked .may be the carbon brush is already worn out.

What can cause your poddle to shake intermittently?

Fear can cause your poodle to shake intermittently. Even something as every day as taking a bath can cause a dog to shake if they are afraid of the water. Being happy could also cause a dog to shake, as could being sick or feeling pain.

What causes Steering whine when i turn the steering wheel in a 98 grand am?

Low steering fluid can cause a steering wheel to whine when turning. A worn steering belt can also cause a steering wheel to whine when a car is being turned.

Can a faulty crankshaft sensor in my vauxhall astra be the cause of the engine intermittently cutting out?


Would oil pressure switch cause light to come on intermittently?

Yes it could.

How to repair 2003 Mazda protege 5 check engine light blinking running badly?

Have the trouble codes retrieved with an OBDII scanner to identify the problem areas before you start spending on repairs that might not be the cause of the problem(s).

What could cause a mazda to pull really bad to the right?

A soft/damaged right front tire. Worn or bent steering/suspension joints. A sticky or stuck brake caliper.

What can cause heavy steering?

Low power steering fluid or defective power steering pump.

What can cause a noise when turning your steering wheel to the right?

Many things can cause that, the simplest cause being lack of power steering fluid.

What would cause steering lose when driving?

Steering fluid leak.

What is the most probable cause of a sound card and a printer working intermittently?

a changed printer cable

If a 1999 Mazda Protege has a damaged intake manifold gasket will this cause only 3 cylinders to fire instead of all 4 and what is the estimated time it would take to replace the manifold gasket?

It could cause the misfire, but so could a lot of other problems. The repair time is about one hour.