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What would cause the serpentine to not turn on a 1994 Mercury Topaz if all pulleys spin freely when the car is not running?


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2006-04-24 15:21:31
2006-04-24 15:21:31

check to make sure the belt tensioner is functional if not it needs to be replaced


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You probably have a siezed alternator or something. Take it off and see if all you're pulleys turn freely.

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Defective belt tensioner, or incorrect belt. Also check pulleys to see if they are damaged or misalligned with the other pulleys. Check to make sure idler pulley and alternator turn freely and don't wobble or bind, which may indicate a bad bearing.

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spray soapy water on belt while engine is running if noise stops change your serpentine belt if it still chirps you have a bad idler pulley or tensioner to make sure remove belt and spin each pulley by hand try to find the one that doesnt turn freely or noise

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It sounds like you either did not get the belt on a pulley all the way or the idler pulley is frozen up. Take the belt off and make sure the idler, or tensioner pulley, turns freely. Reinstall the belt and make sure you have it on all of the pulleys correctly.

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The crankshaft pulley is the only one directly engine driven. All the others are driven by it. ( the crankshaft pulley) If all the other pulleys are turning freely, assuming the total mileage deems it necessary, the belt just wore thin and separated. Just replace it and go. Good luck

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