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When was the last time you had brake work done? It sounds like the brake rotors cannot dissipate the heat from the heavy braking. If they overheat they can temporarily warp until they cool back down. I see this typically on rotors that were machined (sometimes still within acceptable limits) or from poor quality rotors.

Check the tie rod ends for wear. Have a friend rock the steering wheel side to side in the center and listen for a thunking or slapping noise at the rear of the front tires. Jack up the car in front and rock the wheel side to side (hands at 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock) and check for looseness.

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One or possibly both of the brake rotors are out of wack and you need to replace them. I had the same problem on my 97 accord. I replaced the passenger side rotor and car is running and braking just fine.

Warped rotors. Get them lathed (Sp?) and don't forget new pads. If you leave the old pads on they'll wear grooves into the new(er) rotors thus making their life shorter and the problem re-arising.

A garage that my cousin had taken his '94 Buick Century to listed that it needed front struts, upper strut mount plates and inner tie rods. But after seeing these other answers here and helpful answers in other auto forums while researching in the mid part of April, 2005, my suspicions were confirmed that the shaking-only-when-braking on his car was caused by front brake rotor warpage (Although, later on, he also started to notice that when he put one finger on the steering wheel while cruising without braking, there was a very slight vibratory movement of the steering wheel...which I had summed up to just commonly being the brake pads resting lightly against the rotors even when no pressure is applied since rotor calipers do not have any type of return spring which would pull the brakes away any further). So just recently (4-21-05), against the "professional's" conclusions and $500.00 estimate (who had listed almost everything else but rotors as the cause), I put on all new front rotors and brakes (a total of about $51.00) and the car then braked beautifully with no vibration whatsoever. Vullin

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Q: What would cause the steering wheel to shake when braking?
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What causes the steering wheel shake without braking?

You may need a wheel alignment, or you may need bushings.

Steering wheel shakes when driving?

Many things can cause the steering wheel to shake when you are driving. However, the most common cause of steering wheel shaking is a bent wheel.

Does a steering wheel shake damage the vehicle?

Not the steering wheel shake itself, however what is causing the steering wheel shake, can certainly be extremely dangerous and potentially cause you to lose control of the vehicle. **GET IT CHECKED OUT BEFORE THAT HAPPENS**

Do bad bushings make your steering wheel shake?

Yes, it is possible. Any loose/worn front end part can cause steering wheel to shake.

You found out that your pads were replaced but not your rotors you then got new rotors but kept the same pads that were still good However the steering wheel shakes at times What do you do?

Does the steering wheel shake worse when you step on the brakes? If braking does not cause the steering wheel shaking you probably just have an out of balance wheel, a bent rim or a faulty tire.

Can bad rotors make a steering wheel shake when turning corners?

Only if you are braking at the time. A more likely cause is a failing CV joint or a worn ball joint.

What makes a steering wheel shake?

What make the steering wheel shake is the tires that need wheel balance.

Why does my steering wheel shake on a 1998 gmc Yukon?

if it happens when braking, check the stabilizer bolts. both mine were broken

Why does my steering wheel shake when braking at high speeds in a 2005 dodge stratus?

You rotors are warped and will need replaced/resurfaced.

Why would the steering wheel shake while braking?

You have a warped rotor. Brake pads need replacing and the rotors turned or replaced.

How do you fix the vibration at high speed and its steering wheel shake when braking just at high speed?

This can be a warped rotor or tire out of balance. If it only happens when braking it is a warped rotor.

What can cause the steering wheel to shake half inch back and forth at lower speeds?

Bad tire, wheel, bearing, steering component,..............

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