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The delay system may not have anything to do with the switch. It depends on the manufacturer but the delay system maybe part of the wiper motor assembly...or the delay is sometimes located in a separate module located separately from the control switch.

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Q: What would cause the wiper delay not to work the switch has been replaced in the column?
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How do you fix intermittent wipers that do not delay?

perhaps the wiper switch is broken and needs to be replaced.-- The delay part of the Switch.

What would cause the wipers on a 1998 Plymouth Voyager to have a delay before turning on and off and also cause the intermittent not to work?

Check TSB 08-31-98A. My multi function switch had to be replaced. (Part # 5012382-AA)

Does the windshield wiper switch on a 1998 Chrysler town and country contain the delay mechanism or is it a separate unit?

I'm figuring that this is the same as my 1999 town and country, and I just replaced the wiper switch.. It was easy, and it cost 76.00, and it also had NO effect on the operation of the delay in the wipers. Incidentally, I was trying to fix the delay - What my vehicle does is the delay will work about 4 times, then the wipers "jump" slightly, and the delay no longer works. you have to cycle the wiper switch on and off to get them to go again. Good luck!

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Is there a motion activated switch that will stay open for a predetermined period?

Yes Many have a time delay adjustment or selector switch to pick how many minutes the delay will be

1991 Toyota small pick up dome lite will not go out where is the time delay switch thanks?

There is no time delay switch. The light has 3 positions on the switch at the light. On, Off, & On when the door is open. Check that switch. If that is not it, then you may have a bad door switch.

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You have a 1990 Ford Taurus their was a long delay in the starting mechanism after the key is turned and now it is not turning on at all do you think this is a starter problem or ignitionWHat c?

check the ignition switch on topof the steering column

2001 ford sport trac delay wipers work ok with just ignition on but when engine is running not able to use intermittently or shut off?

change your wiper switch located on the steering column

On a 2000 Buick LeSabre when you park the car the lights on the front door panels for the windows and door locks stay on why and run the battery down what makes them stay on?

There is a courtesy light time delay control next to the dashlight dimmer switch. Set the delay switch to off or minimum to turn off all lights when you lock the doors. Having the delay switch on will sometimes cause the battery to "dump" the charge leaving you with a dead battery after a short time.

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Were is the wiper delay switch on a 99 ford escort se located?

It's on the wiper control switch on the multi-function switch.

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Where if the wiper delay module for a 1992 dodge 150?

In the switch

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This should not happen, change the switch out for a new one.

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How do you remove power antenna switch from dashboard in 1979 Ford Thunderbird?

Switch is held in with two 5/16" nuts on the backside; if you have delay wipers, you'll have to take out the screws that hold the wiper delay unit from the bottom of the dash to get to the switch nuts.

What can cause engine light to be on sometime and sometimes transmission delay with soun-?

Mechanical breakdown of the engine can sometime cause transmission delay in the engine.

What will cause the wipers of a '98 Jimmy 4D to not operate occasionally?

Check that you are not turning the wiper switch to "delay." I had problems with my 1997 jimmy wipers not working. Check the wiper control box, relay switch, Mine works now.

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Where is the windshield wiper delay relay on a Kia Sedona?

Down on the steering column behind a plastic shroud