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What would cause your 1994 Buick LeSabre to cut off while you are driving it?


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2015-07-17 17:48:11
2015-07-17 17:48:11

I had the same problem with my 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88. Replaced fuel pump and Ignition control module. So far, there is no cut off. You probably have no good Igition module.

same thing happened to my 94 LeSabre. It happened from time to time with no "Service Engine Soon" indication. Eventually I got the indication, it was the EGR valve.

Does it start right back up when ever it cuts off? check the battery terminals first, jiggle them while the engine is running if that didn't afect the engine, it sounds like the throttle position sensor is faulty. change it.

Best ChoiceYou want to change:

Crankshaft Sensor, Starter Pack, And the Fuel Pump.


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One of the main causes for a 1998 Buick LeSabre to die while driving is a problem with the computer. The computer might tell the fuel pump to shut off and stop sending fuel to the motor.

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Possibly the crank case oil sensor. Had the same symptoms on a Buick LeSabre '91

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I have a shimmy or small vibration while driving the interstate on my 1994 buick lesabre - if i was to check the front and rear bearings - how would i do that and what would i look for

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