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I don't know what year your car is, but a common problem with moisture is the spark plug wires. Replace them with new ones.

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Why do cylinders fill with fuel on a fuel injected motor?

Cause' if the fuel combusted in the fuel line, you'd have a major problem.

What would cause a 2005 dodge neon to tick when turning on but then it starts on 2nd or 3rd try?

starter motor is bad

Can crazy glue cause cataracts?

Maybe if injected into the eyeball. (not recommended)

Who starts earthquakes?

No one starts earthquakes it is a complex combination of tectonic plates of the earth and or the tidel effects on the earth from the moon the movement of these structures cause enough force to cause vibration on the surface of the world. In a nut shell you start them

Engine starts at 3000 rpm and is shaking a lot on a Pontiac Sunbird 3.1 what can cause this?

possibly your motor mounts. i had the same issue with my old sunbird

1999 town car engine starts and runs rough and soon stop when put into drive what cause this to happen?

Check the idle air motor.

What would cause a fuel injected car to flood when trying to start?

No spark?

Can motor oil on the skin cause cancer?

Yes prolonged contact with motor oil can cause cancer.

How much air is needed to be injected into your vein to cause death?

Any size of air bubble in your vein will cause death.

How does motor vehicles cause pollution?

Motor vehicles cause pollution by the gas that they are letting out of the ex-ought pipe is oil.

What if your partner didn't withdraw but you have been injected for birth control?

If you have been injected for birth control purposes and the injection is current then your partner should not have to withdraw. be cause you should not be able to get pregnant.

Can hydrocodone be injected?

I think that would in some cases but not normally cause allot of doctors try and stay away from injected pain medication unless its really needed and there's a need for it .

Can fertilization cause vomiting?

yes it causes vmiting sice something is getting injected in the body

What would happen if you injected yourself with pure ATP?

It would probably cause a negative feedback.

What is the suffix to cause to have a motor?


What is venom?

What isvenom. Venom attacks the nerves and can cause paralyses. Once injected the venom flows through the blood stream and hits nerves. Once the venom is injected a short time later it starts to swalle and turn colors. The venomstarts to eat at the flesh and cause on wounds at the bite scene. To treat u will need alot of Anti-VenomAnother form of venom is the marvel character named venom which was introduced to the comics in the edition of spiderman. this character is highly popular and is in the spiderman movies of today.vemon is a poison animal that can kill in seconds so be carefull

What neuological diseases cause loss of motor function in arms and legs?

What would cause loss of motor function in upper thighs

If i inject more than 300ml air in blood vessels then can it cause the heart attach.How much time it will take and what will be the symptoms and the treatment?

if that much air is injected into a blood vessel it will cause a pulmonary air embolism which will go into heart and/or lungs and probably cause death. there is no way to stop it or reverse once injected.

What will cause a star delta panel to trip in delta?

On a star delta starter a motor overload or a motor going to ground and cause a short circuit will cause the overload protection to trip. These overloads have to be reset before the motor can be restarted.

What could cause only the passenger window to stop working on 97 ford explorer?

Fords are well known for glitches in the window switches, although it could also be the motor.

Can Oxycontin op be injected?

OP has a type of gel inside that cannot be snorted or injected. Besides, injecting prescription or street drugs is illegal and can very easily cause brain damage or death.

The single most common cause of motor vehicle collision is improper driving?

What is the single most common cause of motor vehicle collision

What may happen to body cells if a medicine that is not isotonic is injected?

you would probably die in the cause of stroke.

What will a bad ecu do to a Chevy S-10?

If its a fuel injected engine it will cause you many problems

How are electromagnets used in a motor?

Electromagnets in motors are used to cause the motor to spin (rotate.)