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CV joints are gone, and need to bew replaced, then must do a front end alignment. Lug nuts on the tire could be loose and tire is wobbling when going straight. Turning left or right would keep the wheel from wobbling and the sound would stop. Make sure all nuts are secure. I've had front wheel bearings fail just like that.Replaced CV joint and it wasn't needed.

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โˆ™ 2005-05-12 18:31:32
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Q: What would cause your right wheel to make sounds when you drive straight but not if you turn steering wheel to the right or left?
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What would cause a 97 Cavalier to have repeated loud thuds in the front driver's side when steering straight or to the left?

you have a bad cv drive shaft

What is the clicking noise you hear when you turn your steering wheel?

Well it obviously means that you have crickets under your hood and you are hurting them. You probably should stop turning and just drive straight. But for real you should go get checked out or something cause that sounds like a personal problem.

What is the best hand position for straight ahead steering?

The best hand position for straight ahead steering is to think of the steering wheel as a clock. The best position would be to have the hands on the 3 and the 9, which is what people are taught when learning how to drive.

What exactly does a wheel alignment do for a car?

A wheel alignment is what syncs your steering wheel with your wheels. It ensures your car will drive straight when your steering wheel isn't turned.

What would cause a steering wheel to pulsate when turning on a 2004 dodge 2500 diesel in 2 wheel drive?

check the power steering rack or the steering pump

When you drive your peugeot 205 the left side steering knocks and squeeks What is wrong with it?

Sounds like a worn ball joint.

What is the cause of an airplane sound at higher speeds that quiets when steering left but worsens when steering right?

Sounds like a wheel bearing going bad. Had similar issue on ford explorer that ended up being front left hub bearing. If it is a front wheel drive vehicle, it could be a CV joint on drive shaft to the side of the noise.

When you turn the steering wheel you hear a clicking noise?

sounds like a front wheel drive with bad cv joints, which are your drive shafts going to both front wheels.

Steering damper can cause of whole body shaking?

some cars yes (like 4 drive)

When you put a car in drive or reverse and let off the brake and turn the wheel it vibrates in the steering wheel but it doesn't vibrate when you drive what is that?

Check your power steering fliud, if it is low this could cause the vibration you are feeling.

Is it illegal to drive without power steering?

It is not illegal to drive without power steering. Many people who drive very old cars do not have power steering.

1994 Mercury Villager steering pops while turning right?

Sounds like a drive axle half shaft. Have it replaced. Not that expensive.

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