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Well my guess would be that the Allies probably would have tried again. After all, they still had a vast army of men and material to use and although the Soviets were pretty consistently turning the Nazis back by this point, victory was far from certain; not to mention fears of a Soviet dominated Europe. Northern France was still their best bet as it gave them fairly open territory to fight on and deep water ports to dock ships, not to mention a lot of room for maneauvering. The invasions of Italy and Southern France were hemmed in largely because of the Alps, which although passible, would have given the Nazis an excellent opportunity to inflict massive casualties with minimum forces, allowing more and more troops to be redirected towards the Eastern Front. The Balkans posed the same problem. The problems due to a failed Allied landing would be we would certainly lose face before the Soviets, who were clammering for an Allied offensive in the West pretty much since 1942, and it might make it almost impossible to negotiate with them after the war: after all, if the Soviets hadn't felt like the British and Americans had contributed anything to the war effort, what justification could we give to demand their cooperation?---besides another war, which was the last thing anybody wanted. Also, the Nazis would clearly be prepared the next time and the Allies would almost certainly have to risk attacking the heavily fortified positions at Calleigh (sorry, I can't speak French, so I apologize for the misspelling). They would have sacrificed surprise for conveniance and that would almost certainly mean a powerful German counterassault waiting in the rear in the event of a successful landing. Thank God D-Day was a success, because the Allies had to land those troops somewhere, and if it had failed in Normandy it would have become exponentionally more difficult later on.

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Q: What would had happened if D-Day was NOT successful?
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