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What would make a 1990 Ford Probe blow white smoke and leak oil?


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2015-07-14 15:01:52
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In 1990 Ford offered the Probe in a GT model with a 4 cylinder 2.2 litre turbo motor. If you are bellowing out smoke (bluish white if oil) there is a good chance the bearing are wearing out in the turbo and oil in getting in the exhaust. You can usually check the turbine shaft play in the turbo. If the smoke is heavy white and has kinda a sweet smell or alot of moisture is comming out the exhaust pipe you likely have a blown head gasket.

AnswerOnly going by the details you are describing I would guess your engine is worn out. White smoke is an indication of to much oil getting into the cylinders and being burned and oil leaks are a sign of defective or worn out oil seals. Sounds like its time for a engine overhaul. , EzForJesus

PS a real thick white cloud of smoke is sometimes caused by a faulty modulator valve on the transmission sending automactic transmissin fluid thru the engine

AnswerWhite smoke says coolant is getting into the combustion chamber. You might a head gasket problem. If you were burning oil, you would have bluish smoke. AnswerFor the white smoke problem, perform either a combustion leak test(which checks for exhaust gases in the radiator,or a compression test which will tell you if you have a head problem. Answeryou might try checking the end of your muffler to see if there is oil going through your exhaust system. if there is that probably means there is oil in your combustion chamber, which might be caused by collapsed piston rings. if this is what is happening you will need a new engine or you can have your engine rebuilt.

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